Friday, September 26, 2008

Karai (Bonus)

Well the end of the month is closing in on I'm going to try to get a couple more tributes out to the Ninja girls in my poll before it closes. This ones for Karai!

(Just a few webfinds for this sexy kunoichi. Unfortunately the closest picture I could find of Karai exposing her bare feet were her wearing I tossed a couple of pictures of Zhang Ziyi into the mix as well. What does Zhang Ziyi have to do with Karai? Well...she voiced her in the TMNT movie.) why would you want to smell this Ninja girl's feet? Well, Karai is not only sexy, she's also a very skilled ninja. She's held up her own against the both the Ninja Turtles and Shredder's forces. Not only that, but the group she's associated with and now the leader of is the "foot clan". Does that mess with your head as much as it does mine?

Anyway, wouldn't it be great to be this woman's personal foot soldier responsible for massaging her feet and acting as her footstool at the snap of her fingers? Knowing Karai's personality she probably would enjoy humiliating you and forcing you to smell her feet as often as possible.

Ok...while you ponder that scenario, I'm gonna work on the next Ninja girl. As always, more to come soon!



  1. Maybe Karai will go barefoot in the New Ninja Turtles cartoon "Back to the Sewers".

    Karai is in my interactives...I haven't done any of them yet,but it's only a matter of time.

  2. Foot soldier, KSC? Good one. *laughs*. Oh well, she still looks pretty hot, and that's all that matters. Good find, bud.

    Daniel Wickie

  3. yahoo the one i voted for, mmm it would be very nice to be able to worship that ninja's bare feet (and her voice actorist as well). i hope if they make a second TMNT film she goes barefoot

  4. Yeah I'm keeping my fingers crossed on seeing Karai barefoot in the future too.

    For that matter, it would even be nice to see more Zhang Ziyi barefoot as well.

    Thanks guys.