Friday, February 22, 2008

A New Introduction

Alright...I think it's time for an explanation. If you visited this blog before the past couple of days, I imagine you’re probably pretty confused about what this blog is all about. Two days ago this blog was all pictures with the occasional link to my writing blog over here:

For those that actually took the time to follow the link…it basically lead to a page describing different interactive and short stories that I liked as well as some of the short stories I was working on…(mostly fanfiction/foot fetish work).

However now that I’m merging my two blogs together, I think a re-introduction is in order. Basically, in my spare-time, I write, read and review stories that are (as the title of this blog and earlier pictures suggest) of an unusual nature. (Basically involving Anime/Videogame & Comic book girls’ feet).

In the past, I used my other blog to develop my writing, get feedback on my stories as well as promote stories that shared my peculiar tastes and I plan to continue doing that here. I also would occasional post pictures of some of my favorite female foot related scenes to go a long with some of my stories. (See some of my earlier entries for examples and definitely be on the lookout for more to come). That’s basically it!!!

Now for those that haven’t been horrified, disgusted or bored enough to leave yet. ^_^ Thanks and I hope you enjoy.

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