Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sonya Blade 2 (Sandra Hess)

There’s a longwinded and probably unnecessary story behind these caps. (You can scroll down if you want too) As Mortal Kombat fans probably know there were two actresses that played Sonya Blade. One of the girls I already posted but I sort of ignored the other. Well...I think it's about time to fix that. I actually intended to put up these pics to back up the Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter de-booting matches but I couldn’t find the CD that I had these pictures on . If you checked this site when I originally posted my last set of “Sonya” pictures, it probably seemed strange that I took 3 days to post only one lousy barefoot shot of the hot special-forces officer. Well the truth was that I planned to post these shots too. It was only this morning when I was going through my collection intending to post another character (you’ll probably see her on Saturday cause this is a two part bonus ^_^) that I rediscovered this clip these pics were capped from. Anyway here are the pics:

(The first picture was obviously capped from Mortal Kombat: Annihilation while the rest were taken from the series Pensacola: Wings of Gold. I should probably add that both the first picture as well as the clip the rest of the pics were capped from are webfinds)
The scene from Wings of Gold is that a military doctor convinces Sandra Hess' character (she's playing another soldier in this series) that by getting her feet massaged it could help her injured hand. The are two parts I liked about this scene (besides the obvious). First the doctor (who seems to have an ulterior motive)practically rushes Sandra's character Ice to strip barefoot and second Ice's reaction is great. The way she smirks suggest she's really not buying the "reflexology" angle the doctor gave her but she also moans several times suggesting she enjoyed the massage.

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