Saturday, February 9, 2008


In case you guys are wondering who this chick is? The pics are of the sexy Insei Nase from Hikaru No Go Enjoy guys!!

(Capped from Hikaru no Go episodes 37, 42, 44, & 45)
Nase is another character that I probably would never write an interactive chapter about since her role in the anime Hikaru No Go is relatively minor. Still, she is definitely hot and she was one of three sexy girls that I fantasized about seeing barefoot while watching that anime. Sadly, she's also the only one of the three to fulfill my desire and just in that one scene I posted. I think this girl resembles Yu-gi-oh's Tea Gardner (another girl that I would like to see barefoot).
Slight Note: Tea does actually go barefoot in this great scene in the Yu-gi-oh anime.Tea and Yugi get separated from their friends and she's been walking a long time. She complains about it and takes off her footwear to soak her sore feet in a stream. We don't actually get to see her strip off her footwear but there is a nice close-up on her feet as she soaks them in the water. When she complains about how tiring the walk is. Yugi jokingly tells her to try carrying a duel disk. I actually had this great scene on tape but I accidentally taped over it . I'm still kicking myself over doing that. I just made this post bittersweet didn't I? Anyone have a clip or pics of the scene I am talking about?

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