Saturday, October 9, 2010

Apologies ^_^;

Hi Guys...sorry for the lack of updates recently. Things have gotten really hectic here as of late and as much as I would like to catch up...I probably won't be able to post anything until monday morning. Just need to catch my breath a bit. ^_^;

Hope Everyone has a good Columbus Day weekend.


  1. Don't worry about it! :) Just take your time.

  2. if anything KSC you really should give someone else control over the site as well to lighten your load

  3. Thanks Digiharrisom.

    Yeah Match...I think that's what's going to happen eventually but I'll talk more about that in a future post.

  4. No prob guy, Everything's cool on our side (just as long as you don't abandon us)

  5. It's alright, take your time man :)

  6. hey, could you make a post of this?


  7. Thanks for being so understanding guys. ^_^ All of you rock!!

    I'll try Leo. Thanks for the scene. ^_^

  8. I agree with Match25 - perhaps if you were to allow some1 2 take control of the site 4 a month, then pass it on 2 someone else - everybody (who is interested) would have a chance to show off some of their own unique stuff & make their own polls 4 a month. I really h8 2 pester you by bringing this up all the time KSC and I realise you've got a lot on ur shoulders rite now (know how u feel) but if you decided 2 allow everyone a shot at the ropes - would u want me 2 do a page 4 kaname chidori or do you want 2 have the honor of doing so urself - either way I'm fine with it, Oh and gr8 stuff l8ly - sorry have'nt been commenting, here's a link 2 my DA page - will upload my stories I promised A.S.A.P.:-

  9. Thanks for offering to help Martin. Kaname is a little bit tricky because I saved clips for her that were taken off of youtube but I still need to cap them.

    I'm working on a plan for the site that will allow other users to post but even that is going to take a little time to implement (which I'm really pressed for right now). Do you have an e-mail that I could contact you at or if you can e-mail me at

    Very cool DA page. :-D I like the pictures you posted. Looking forward to your stories too.