Friday, October 1, 2010

Poll Results 29

Ok...The 29th Poll have finally come to an end. After a whopping 2049 are the results... looks like May managed to catch everyone's attention this time around. This cute poketrainer dominated this poll from start to finish winning the poll and proving that her feet are the ones most fans would be happy to play with by over 500 votes. In second place was the hot interpol agent Chun Li and Card Captor's Sakura swept in to claim 3rd place (her popularity will not go unnoticed). As for the rest of these girls...they all proved to have foot fans of their own and nobody some of them scoring over 100 votes and none of them scoring less than 31.

As always, I just want to give a big thank you to everyone for voting and I'll try to keep your opinions regarding these brunettes in mind for the future. ^_^

Ok...Big month....I have a lot of catching up to do. The good news is that thanks to the Pokemon Fan Juancho as well as a couple of other contributors, I have a lot of material involving May to post which means not only will she have a winner's tribute...she'll have three of them. :-D (I should be posting the first tribute to her fairly soon) I'll also try and post a new Halloween themed Poll of the month later tonight. ^_^ Also I still haven't forgotten about the final blond...I'll try to post her as well as the Writing.Com 10th anniversary tribute soon. :-)

Have a Really Great Weekend Guys!!


  1. So which of these girls was my personal favorite? I liked May as well. :-D

    Great voting everyone!!

  2. I think we shouldnt use PKMN girls for awhile in the polls, more often than not they are the automatic winner

  3. I agree with Match. Almost every time there's a Pokemon girl in the polls, she usually wins it in the first few days.

    Anyways, I wanted the sexy Caporia Latina, Christie to win :)

  4. Heh, lots of agreement here. (For the record, May had enough votes to win by the 3rd, if I recall).

    Like I said in the comments for the last poll results, Pokemon girls win easily. If they're not in the poll, a Naruto girl will. Both of these are especially true if they're main girls.

    Glad a non-huge series girl beating a Digimon girl is going to be recognised, I'd say that's the shock of the poll really.

    Going back to the odds I posted a few days into the poll, all of my primary expectations happened (Chun Li keeping 2nd place at 1/8, Lita keeping 5th place at 4/6 and Christie beating Hitomi at 4/5). None of the others did.

  5. I don't get why a foot-fetish blog would love Pokemon so much, given that you very rarely see well-drawn feet in that series. Have they started drawing toenails on their girls yet?

    I might also be bitter that, despite hundreds of episodes, I can't recall a single foot-tickling scene from that show. haha

  6. Hey guys, make May an exception, since it's barely be the second month she ever appears on this blog ^_^

    Adam, toenails have appeared in as early as the first season, but they're rare sights and often only the big toe's nail (for all 5 nails, I only remember 1 rare time).

  7. I propose term limits! Everyone shall be given a chance to have their place in the hall of foot fame but two/three strikes and you go into retirement.

    Unless of course that doesn't happen, in which case I nominate Irma Lair for a place in the next poll :D

    Great posts as usual KSC.

  8. Adam: You're looking at it the wrong way.

    It's not that Pokemon appeals to foot fetishists, it's that there's such a crazy number of Pokemon fans that even if only a few of them like feet, that will still be more than a more foot-friendly series has fans in total.

  9. ok guys after posting a bonus for May...I'll give the Pokemon girls a break from the polls for at least a couple of months. ^_^

    Yeah Christie rocks BTW.

    Really fun seeing how your odd played out Veroom. ^_^ Christie and Hitomi remained close throughout. ^_^ It was pretty intense.

    Yeah they really should have one of the girls in the series get tickled Adam. ^_^

    Really looking forward to posting May's tributes Juancho. :-)

    Ok...I'll try to rotate the characters around a little bit Orcha. Yeah Irma rocks. ^_^

  10. on the new poll, cant we have a


  11. Voting for Android women since I have a thing for them. It would be fun playing with those Synthetic-skin covered toes.

  12. I myself am voting for Psychics...I always did have a bit of a Psychic fetish :D

  13. I'm in concurrence with you there FeetInTheClouds ^^ No girls in particular, but I'm a fan of the idea.

    I expect giantesses to win this one. I don't personally see the appeal but I know from all the stories that giantesses are popular.

    I'm coming to like the idea of faves and odds. I'll get them in early this month:

    Witch: Ruby (R+V)
    Vampire: Outer Moka (R+V)
    Demoness: Hild (AMG)
    Psychic: None - I only know the Pokemon trainers, and not them.
    Giantess: None.
    Female Android: None.
    Fairy Girl: None.
    Catgirl: Felicia (Darkstalkers) - among a few.
    Banshee/Ghost: None.
    Succubus: Kurumu (R+V) - only opposition I know are from Darkstalkers and they don't interest.

    Bleh, lots of Rosario + Vampire in that list, but that comic has characters in at least 6 of the categories for this month. Does anyone know of a show/comic that has more?


    Witches to finish in top 3 - Evens
    Female Vampires to finish in top 3 - 7/2
    Demonesses to get 40 votes - 4/1
    Psychics to escape bottom 3 - 6/1
    Giantesses to win - 1/4
    Female Androids to finish in top 5 - 10/1
    Fairy Girls to win - 5/1
    Catgirls to get 100 votes - 3/1
    Banshee/Ghosts to avoid finishing last - 5/1
    Succubi to beat Demonesses and Banshees/Ghosts combined - 2/1

  14. The poke girls have been taken all the votes, it be nice to see how the others play out without them.

  15. Weird, when I picture psychics, I think of Jean Grey and Psylocke. It's the kind of thing KSC would do (I voted that btw).

  16. good thing I made the suggestion of may from temple of the sea, right?

  17. ^ KSC has been holding back on a May megatribute since last year, so I'd say you could have spilled the glass.

    Don't be so proud though ;) He already had stuff from that movie.

    *loves May*

  18. SPeaking of blondes, I know you have several Supergirl tributes already, but get set for another one. The new film "Superman/Batman Apocalypse" features our Kryptonian blonde beauty with several foot scenes. (It helps she's voiced by bare feet queen Summer Glau.)

  19. Day 3: Catgirls rocket from a slow start into a comfortable third place. Succubi have also picked up the pace, finally fistancing themselves from the bottom three and at their current pace will overtake the poor fembots within a day.

    Oh yeah, and fairy girls got boosted into the lead. I wonder if this might be some kind of anti-giantess vote.

  20. Yeah guys...This ones a tough choice. ^_^

    Androids are hot Feetintheclouds. ^_^

    Yeah Psychics are really aweome Breakthewalls. ^_^

    O_O cool set of Odds and faves Veroom. I love the Rosario + Vampire girls too. ^_^ All of them are really hot. Nice set of odds. These are really interesting things to watch for. ^_^ I'm surprised the early results for the demonesses have them trailing. I think there are a good set of women in that group.(Kagura, Yura, Etna etc). It should be interesting to see how the Fairies, Giantess, Androids and Bashees play out. I'll try to post some odds later tonight too.

    Yeah Juancho Psylocke and Jean are the first psychics I think of. :-D *Blushes as I picture worshiping their feet.*

    Yeah Temple of the Sea is definitely one of the scenes I've been looking forward to posting Blackviper. Thanks again for the scene guys. :-) May is awesome!! :-D

    O_O Wow...I'm really looking forward to watching this movie Dave. Thanks so much for the tip involving one of my favorite characters. Supergirl is spectacular.

  21. Yeah a lot of shifts within the first couple of days Veroom. This one should be pretty exciting...I wonder who will win.

  22. Not much happened today.

    Out of interest, are we allowed to try and convince people to change votes?

    In a bid to find an interesting fembot I found this lengthy comic with a generous amount of barefoot display: (Warning, adult comic) Link

  23. Sure...feel free to campaign for any choice you want. :-) Wow...that a really hot android...thanks for the comic Veroom. ^_^

    Alright here are my odds for this month guys. ^_^

    Fairies 1 to 1 Neck to neck with the Giantesses this one is going to be close. My rough guess has the fairies roughly winning this one by a pixie tipped wing though the Giantesses crushing them is definitely a possibility too

    Giantesses 1 to 1 They definitely have a good shot of winning this as well. Giant female feet rule!!

    Catgirls 4 to 1 Rrowr :-D A lot of sexy women in this category.

    Witches 5 to 1 A lot of really sexy witches out there. I like how they can use magic to make your experiences with there feet hotter. ^_^

    Vampires 6 to 1 Female Vampires are hot. Their feet are strong powerful and sexy. Plus they tend to be pretty dominating. :-D

    Succubi 7 to 1 Morrigan, Kurumu and Lilith alone will send this knock this category pretty high. :-D Another hot Succubus is the one in Castlevania Symphony of the night. :-D

    Androids 10 to 1 Sexy Robots are hot. :-D

    Demoness 12 to 1 I'm somewhat optimistic that this category will have a late start. A wide variety of characters to chose from. ^_^

    Psychics 15 to 1 Female Psychic are great. Keep thinking how awesome it would be to be Jean Grey's footslave. :-D

    Banshee/Ghost 20 to 1 I think my phrasing might have put the characters in this category at a disadvantage. I meant to say banshee (spirits) to incorporate a wider range of characters (just had a hot female ghost on my mind when I was organizing this. The Banshee in this category that obviously comes to mind is Sylvanas Windrunner though there are other sexy ones too. (Silver Banshee, (one in Gargoyles that I forgot her name (she might even be barefoot too) and another one in Rescue Rangers) Anyway these set of women have quite a lot ground to make up if they want to win this. ^_^;

    Here are some other odd that I'm keeping an eye on in this poll as well

    Giantesses and Fairies to be separated by more than 50 votes 5 to 1

    Banshee to finish with over 50 votes 3 to 1

    Demoness to Overtake the Succubus 4 to 1

    Characters from this poll feeling scorned making their footslave out of revenge for not winning this 1 to 1.

    Should be a fun month guys. :-D

    P.S. Still working on the May bonus guys...just been a busy week. I'll try to post it soon. ^_^

  24. Hehe, as a veiled reference, under which category would you place genies? =P

  25. Fairies: 1-1 (I gotta say, when I first saw the poll, I didn't know that they would be this popular. It seems that fairies are more well liked then I originally thought:D )

    Giantess: 1-1 (There's a whole fetish based around them...not to mention foot fetish ties with them and not to mention that there are a lot of sexy giantesses ^_^)

    Catgirls: 3-1 (Catgirls are always popular :D)

    Witches: 5-1 (I actually thought that the witches were going to win this. Due to the fact that famous barefooter, Medusa ;) )

    Vampires: 8-1 (Vampiresses have always been hot and sexy . Not to mention dominating ;) )

    Succubi: 9-1 (Their seductive, dominant female demons...what's not to love ;) )

    Androids: 9-1 (They are a favorite type among foot fetishest...not to mention, the hot Dorothy from The Big O is an androids)

    Psychics: 10-1 (This is my personal favorite, after all, Sabrina,Jean Grey,Pslocke,Emma Frost are card carrying members of this type. I'm surprised that they are doing so poorly in this one.)

    Demonnesses: 13-1 (I think they will have a hard time on this due to having to compete with their more popular demonic counter points, Succubi)

    Banshee/Ghost: 20-1 (Although there are some hot banshee/ghosts, such as Sylvanas Windrunner. Still, they are far and few.)

    Other odds

    Psychics staying head of Demonesses: 9-1

    Catgirls staying in thrid place: 3-1

    Gotta say...this is one of the most interesting polls I have seen :D

  26. O_O I really should have put in specified spirits instead of ghosts Veroom...genies would have fit in perfectly with that one. ^_^; Female genies are hot. :-)

    Great set of odds BreakTheWalls. Nice insight into the categories and reasons why people might want to pick a particular choice. It should be interesting to see how this one plays out. :-D

  27. Hehe, no worries KSC. From what I've learned of the typical voter, I get the feeling leaving genies out of this one is doing them a favor.

    There aren't really any big-name genies for the kids to recognise - maybe the one from that Sonic game.

    Besides that the first two that come to mind are Barbera Eden and Shantae - incidentally the latter has just got a great DSiWare game in America, look it up. I'm not sure if it has any foot shots though the baddie is called Risky Boots.

    The poll... hasn't changed much since I last checked. The top 3 have solidified their position, fembots are somehow still holding out over succubi for that much-coveted... sixth place ;_; demonesses continue to fail expectations but have at least distanced themselves from rock bottom.

  28. O_O I googled Shatae...she's very cute. Have to look up the Sonic one too. Barbara Eden's genie was a lot of fun. I was trying to think of more female genies off the top of my head and had some trouble. I remember Barbara Eden genie had an evil sister (also played by her) and the Aladdin Cartoon series had a female Genie in an episode as well. I also vaguely remember one in a comic adaptation of the Arabian nights.

    Yeah the poll remains very very close. Fairy's and Giantesses were only a vote apart the last time I checked I wonder who will come out ahead. I started listing out characters for each category but I know I'm blanking on some popular choices (I know there are more demonesses and psychics and robots out there :-D). I'll try to update it later. :-)