Sunday, August 9, 2009

Villainess Takeover: Shego (Bonus)

Ok...continuing to give into the villainesses' demands for tributes towards their feet, here's yet another hot returning villainess for you guys. Kim Possible's arch rival Shego.

(With the exception of a cool Shego pic that I nabbed off wikepedia, these were capped from the Kim Possible episode "Stop Team Go". Massive thank yous to both StreetFighterDash and Boyce Williams for informing me about and finding caps for this episode.)

I love seeing hot girls take off their shoes. ^_^

A little bit more of Shego including a close up on her soles can be found here.

As an attractive, sarcastic, badgirl with fighting skills that match Kim Possible's (plus some cool powers as well), Shego is an awesome character . She also seems to enjoy spa treatments leading one to believe that she would really love having someone to look after her feet giving her massages and pedicures whenever she needed it. I have a feeling that if she asked for volunteers, there would be a long line of people showing up outside her doorway within seconds. ^_^

Ok...In addition to blogging this week, I also been releasing some new chapters. ^_^ Right now there are two threads that I'm currently working on. The first is a thread involving Kagome's feet (Schoolgirl Feet Woo hoo) that I'm working on with author Cryptosporidium137 for his new interactive Anime + Videogame Fantasies and the second is continuing the Ino and Sakura storyline for the Breakthewall's Foot Fetish Mansion interactive. I'll also be trying to add more to these threads later in the week. much as I'd like to take a break after massaging and worshipping, and tributing the feet of all these villainesses, it doesn't look like they are going to let me do that. ^_^; With that in mind...more villainess tributes to come soon!!


  1. kim possible is one of those shows that have a lot of sole shots. ill send some of kim later on ksc

  2. Shego's so hot, I would love to be her foot slave ^_^

  3. O_O Thanks Mr. E.

    Me too Breakthewalls. ^_^

  4. now see, this is how to get people interested in school heheheh

  5. True that Match.

    If she were to teach in that dress (barefoot of course) Attendance would shoot up......among other things XD

  6. been a while since i commented
    =D since the last time, ALL SORTS OF GREAT WORK !!!!

    =D also really excited to hear that there are some threads involving kagome ^^ we both know shes a personal fave of mine. =D keep up all the great work KSC.

  7. It's true guys...with hot teachers like that I would not only show up to class on time. I'd get straight one hundreds and go for extra credit by offering her a foot massage.

    Thanks Lawliet. ^_^ Always good to hear from you. Kagome is definitely a hottie.

  8. they need to continue that anime now that the manga is over. mmm all of the extra sole shots that can come from it

    mmm i bet attendance in class with go up to 110 percent, i know i would attend even though i dont go to that school lol