Friday, February 20, 2009

Disney Invasion: Shego (Bonus)

I came across this episode of this villainess in a swimsuit while I was searching for the previous bonus so I figured why not? *Shrugs* Enjoy guys!!

(The hot spa scene is from the Kim Possible episode: "Mad Dogs and Aliens" but I also tossed in a few facial shots from "a Sitch in Time" just to show her in uniform.)
Shego is a hot villainess with a cool sarcastic personality. I definitely wouldn't mind giving her a foot massage if she asked me too. As for the mud wresting catfight with Kim Possible, that was a fun one to cap. Hard to believe they would air that in a children's show...not that I'm complaining of course. :-D
On a sidenote...this bonus marks my 300th Anime Feet blog entry. Wow...I never expected to post that much. ^_^; It's really a huge thanks to the support of everyone reading this that I was able reach this benchmark. You people are the best audience anyone could ever hope for. :-D
Ok...before this entry gets any gushier :-P, I'll end it here. More Disney fun is still ahead. Onwards and upwards everyone.


  1. Congratulations on all 300 of your blog entries, Triton. I knew you'd get there. :) And Shego's pretty hot too. :D

    But I know it was you who put that "Villainess Feet Rule!" graphic up there. You can't fool me.

  2. Thanks Kyle. :-D

    Looks like you found the hidden message too. ^_^; *Hands over a well deserved cookie*

  3. It wasn't that hidden, but thanks.

    But I hate how Zack and Cody and Hannah Montana had to barge their way through in your screenshots. Imagine if - never mind.

  4. Yeah...Those three can be quite the little menaces...I'm just glad the announcement box didn't cover up Shego's feet this time around. ^_^;

  5. that title says it all, villainess feet do so rule

    dont forget about Bonnie, i know there are a few eps where she shows off her soles

  6. also im glad that i could have been of help to this sight in anyway KSC for the 300th entry

  7. Oh Hell Yeah!! Shego Rules. She's so Badass. Thanks KSC,thanks Match.

    Oh yeah,Hannah Montana and Zack and Cody Suck.I Really Hate Them.

  8. Theres also an episode where Shego(who was accidentally turned good) takes off her shoes. It was the episode,Stop Team Go.

  9. I remember that episode too. It became one of my favourites due to how it was written. It was a very interesting idea to see what Shego would be like in a different light temporarily.

  10. though i did love that scene, i would have to say my favorite was Evil Ron. he is just so much better when he's evil

  11. Looks like I'll definitely need to do a couple of follow up bonuses to this one...thanks for the tips guys.

  12. About time we saw Shego, feet, even though all that's been shown is paws and not feet. Great work.

  13. They Do look like paws,don't they?

  14. A couple of screen caps from "Stop Team Go":

    Miss Go reaching her shoes:

    And with her shoe off:

  15. O_O Thanks very much for those pictures Boyce.