Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple: Miu Furinji's certainly been awhile. Sorry for the extreme lack of posting on my part, a varity of issues prevented me from posting, visiting and commenting on this site. Anyways, I hope to be around more often and I think this is a post you all will really enjoy. Everybody, meet the strong, graceful acrobatic martial artist, Miu Furinji!

Miu is a girl we all dream of meeting. Beautiful, talented, kind and strong. She's a martial arts prodigy with an  amazing acrobatic style that you can't help but marvel at! She trained with her grandfather after her parents tragically died, she's traveled the world with him since before settling in the Ryozanpaku Dojo and attending Koryou High School, where she met Kenichi and changed his life forever.

As a result of being a martial artist, there are a ton of scenarios you can fantasize about Miu. They can range from you making her enraged enough for her to turn you into her personal kicking bag and making you clean her feet to teach you a lesson, to offering her to massage her tired feet after she spends a few hours training. Miu's also a bit playful, so it's not hard to fantasize her teasing you with her feet if she catches you looking at them while you are sparring with her.

Kenichi is a rather fun anime. Granted, it does have quite a few of the cliches that most comedic, martial arts anime has. But it does do them in some new ways and the show has some rather good character development in it. Especially concerning it's protagonist. And of course, there's also quite a bit of fan service that one would expect in this type of anime (though no where near to the level of Ikkitousen). In all regards, I would say to give the anime a chance, if your interested.

That's all for now guys. Hope you enjoyed this post and with any luck, I'll be posting and commenting around here more often!

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  1. O_O That was awesome Breakthewalls. :-D What a great character. ^_^ I would really love to be dominated by her feet in a martial arts match.

    Wow...I need a really cold shower. Excellent post. :-D

  2. On a sidenote: Does anyone else think that she reminds you of Cammy from Street Fighter? She seems to have a Cammy and Ino resemblance that just sends her hotness through the roof. ^_^

  3. Aw man, this post is epic dude. You picked a winner here. Keep it up. This series seems like it has a lot more to offer than just this and I hope you can post it soon. Great work man.

  4. Miu is amazing and has tons of barefoot and a few sole shots though out the manga but my fav has always been Kisara

    But KSC is later chapters she lets her hair down so it looks nothing like that in future chapters which i hated at first but now i like it more as she was the only one that didn't have a normal hair style :P

    screenshot was taken to avoid spoilers for people who might not be up to date or want to start

    1. Wow the hairstyle really makes a difference. :-)

  5. What episodes are the sparring bits?

  6. @ KSC: Those are some great fantasies my friend :D I do agree about her Cammy likeness!

    @ heretic: Yeah, the series is really fun :D I'm glad you like it and give the show a watch sometime.

    @ Jinto: Yeah, Kisara is my fave as well. Shame she didn't have much foot shots, but what can ya do. And I have to say...that hairstyle looks adorable on her! :D

    @ DGC: Oh man...I gotta go back to answer that one ^^;