Friday, August 2, 2013

Sengoku Basara: Kasuga

Alrighty, I am way behind on here so I guess I should post something while I can. As I was getting stuff ready for my follow up for Bambino, I also managed to get some decent pictures of a new lovely kunoichi I'm sure you're all going to love. Gentlemen, meet Kasuga

What you see here is Kasuga having a fantasy moment of her cock tease general/lord Uesegi Kenshin. When she's not fantasizing about getting into his pants, she's being badass while putting up with the snarky remarks of her rival and secret admirer Sarutobi Sasuke.
Unlike the other members of the Basara cast, Kasuga is the only truly fictional character in the series. Whereas the other characters have some sort of historical record attached to them from the Sengoku period, Kasuga does not. Most likely she was created as a play off of Kenshin's castle Kasuga.

Anyways, this is just a warm up until I get some more screen caps on her. Enjoy it while I look into more Basara goodness for everyone.

If its not clear yet, I ship Sasuke x Kasuga because her lord (yet to/debeating if he should be shown) only seems to like to tease her but not make any moves on her as opposed to Sasuke who shows a lot of concern for her underneath all his remarks.


  1. That is some unique outfit she has for battle lol this was one of my to watch series recently but forgot about it till now :) going to look them up now

  2. O_O Very hot!!! Blond Kunoichi = Super Awesome!!!!!!! 7th pic Excellent post Heretichero. ^_^

  3. That outfit is as sexy as it is horribly impractical. XD I've heard of Kasuga and seen a few clips of her before. She does look pretty awesome. And all kunoichi outfits should have at least exposed toes.