Thursday, August 1, 2013

Poll 46 Results

Well like all good things the pink haired girls poll had to end sometime. After a whopping 738 votes, here are the results...
Wow...It look like Ichigo clawed her way to the top of this gaining 150 votes and proving that her feet are the ones that everyone would love massaging their face. In second place was the hot vampire Moka and Tekken's cute robot Alisa went on to claim 3rd. Try not to feel too bad for the rest of these girls. They all proved to have foot fans of their own and even the ultra rare (and super evil I might add) Shiba'I had 17 people happy to have her feet in their face.

As always...I just want to give everyone an enormous thank you for voting. It's really fun seeing which characters you guys like and I'll try to keep you opinions in mind for the future. I'll post a tribute to Ichigo's feet pretty soon as well as a new poll of the month tonight. 

Thanks again for voting and Have a really great day everyone. ^_^

1 comment:

  1. :-D Of the girls in this Poll, Ichigo was my personal favorite too. ^_^ I'm glad that she has a lot of fans.

    Great voting everyone. ^_^