Friday, August 16, 2013

Mystique Megapost w/ Spotlights

Ok...It been a while since I knocked a character off the hit list so let's remedy that by doing a tribute to the X-men bad girl Mystique. Being a shapeshifter it makes sense that Mystique would have a lot of different appearances. Let's try to cover as many of them as we can. ^_^
Comics and Fanart
Mystique got her own comic series in 2003. It ran for 24 issues. One of the great things about the series is that it gives her a chance to shine by herself. Most of the time you tend to see Mystique take on the role of a henchwoman. While she's a definitely a capable henchwoman (being the right hand of  villains like Magneto and Apocalype), we don't get a chance to see her intelligence in action. In her series comic series she really puts it to use becoming a badass superspy. In addition to that you get to see a more playful side of her as well.
The series also has some really excellent cover artwork produced by Artist Greg Horn.
In addition to having shape shifting as her mutant power, Mystique has some really badass Martial Arts skills under her belt. Combined with super human makes for a very nasty combination as shown below.
Professor X recruited Mystique for a short period of time to work on mercenary missions. During that time he assigned a telepath named Shortstack to work with her as her handler. Shortstack's mutation caused him to shrink to about a foot tall which provided us with some nice GTS panels. ^_^
Mystique's claim to fame is her shapeshifting skills. A lot of times she'll use her transformations to get close to her target and then pounce. That's part of the reason she can be really dangerous.
Taking on Wolverine
During a storyline called Messiah complex, Mystique betrays the X-men leading into a storyline where Wolverine hunts her down and the two wind up facing off against each other. It's a pretty good storyline to read provided you just go along with the action and don't analyze things too seriously. Both characters have some great moments in it.
No villainess in the X-men series can be quite as seductive as Mystique. :-)
Shower Interrupt
Heh heh Mystique being always naked is definitely something to think about. :-D


Movies Mystique
Rebecca Romijn
Rebecca Romijn played Mystique in the First 3 X-men films. As the character she give one of the best foot beating scenes that I've ever scene in a Live Action movie.
Man I really envy the lucky actor who played Senator Kelley.
I tossed in some barefoot pictures of Mystique's actresses too. :-D
In some of the the behind the scenes material. They show the Make up process Rebecca goes through to get into the character. It takes roughly 6 hours of make up and body painting to prepare her for the role. ^_^; I love to be the one who applies the make up to her feet. :-)

Jennifer Lawrence
More recently Jennifer Lawrence has gotten a lot of attention for the Silver Linings Playbook and the Hunger games but one her first big roles involved her playing the blue skinned shapeshifter in X-men First Class. In interviews Lawrence points out that she was lucky enough not having to be in full body makeup for most of her scenes but we do get a couple of closeups on her character's bare feet towards the beginning of the film.
There is a chance that I'll probably be posting Jennifer Lawrence on this site again in the future because she is so hot. Maybe I'll do a tribute for Katniss Everdeen. :-)

Animated Mystique
So basically there are 3 animated incarnations of the character that I am aware of. Her 90's X-men the animated series counterpart, her X-men Evolution counterpart and her Wolverine and the X-men counterpart. the latter is the only one that has some brief barefoot moments that I know about. 
Mystique's appearance doesn't change too much throughout the various animated shows. That said I think that her 90's animation form looks the best. Admittedly this might be because it was the first version of her I was introduced to but I also think that it was better drawn. ^_^ 
(Ok...these are a combination of webfinds and caps from different mediums of entertainment. Some of the caps sources include the first X-men film and X-men First Class as well as the Wolverine and the X-men episode Stolen Lives. The behind the scenes caps came from this Youtube clip here. I'd also like to dedicate this bonus to Kyle Jordan and the Author Money $ign for inspiring it) 

I think that Mystique is probably the first shapeshifter that I posted (not counting sorceresses whose magic allows them to use that ability). Taking into account that her original form has an exotic sort of hotness to it as well, I think that it would be pretty cool to have her as a girlfriend. She could basically fulfill any fantasy that you wanted making for some excellent roleplay games. The downside is that like Wolverine you'd have to worry about when she'll inevitably stab you in the back but it would be fun to be at her feet while it lasts.

Alright let's see... Comic book character, mega post, friday, fact that I put it in the title of this post ;-) ...can you guess what's coming next? Yup...

Ok today I'm going to focus on my Comic Book Interactive Story. I think that's it's been over a year since I last did this segment and there have been a lot of really awesome chapters added to it. Some of the arcs include:
Some excellent chapters involving massaging Wonder Woman's Feet  by Ft. Renache
A awesome storyline involving being used as a workout tool by She Hulk's Feet  by Ft Renache
A Chapter involving worshipping Helena's footprints and feet by Dragoon Hot!!
Chapters involving being a puppy at Black Alice/Lori Zechlin's Feet by KSC ;-)
Getting to massage Black Alice and Misfit's feet  also by KSC
Being coerced into massaging Black Cat and MJ's gigantic feet by KSC
Some chapters involving being a henchman to Harley Quinn by dewayne20
A Chapter involving getting to play with Batgirl's giant feet by dewayne20
Judging a Foot Odor Contest between Starfire and Raven by Trash
Catwoman worshipping Black Cat's feet by Tom Brady12
Getting dominated and tempted to the dark side by the Assassin Cheshire's feet by His Divine Shadow
Getting used as an insole by a Giant Wonder Woman by Ink of the Mind
The Hot Goth Lori playing teasing you with her feet by The Vile
Lori taking you to her house to explore your foot fetish by The Vile
Sniffing Jean Grey's feet by The Vile
Becoming a shoe cleaner for Helena Bertinelli (Huntress) by The Vile
Being dominated by Wonder Woman's feet by The Vile You totally rock man!!
and hot off the press...a chapter involving worshiping Zatanna's feet by Brown
Just want to thank all the authors who added to this story over the past year (Dragoon, The Vile, Ft. Renache, Ink of the Mind, dewayne20, Tom Brady12, His Divine Shadow, Trash, John, Kodo, Destiny Dueler, Brown ...I know I'm forgetting some others ^_^;).  Anyway I really appeciate you guys taking the time to add to the story a lot. :-)

Ok that will do it for now everyone, cross another girl off the Hit List and as always more to come soon. ^_^


  1. All those, stories were great from the ones I read anyway =D, I hope someone will add to the X-men evolution Rogues storyline, I'm trying to think of some things for it as well.

    1. Thanks Destiny Dueler. Yeah...there have been some really great story arcs recently. It's really inspiring to read. ^_^ Yeah that version of Rogue really rocks. It would be great to see her get more love. ^_^

  2. No prob =D, yeah their really have, I always check every day or so when I get the chance =D. Yeah she does it's my favorite she's just got some sort of charm to her, yeah she does need more love

  3. Great post KSC though see all this mystique action makes me kinda sad i didnt keep up with comics as i got older :( though i was unaware that she had her own solo comic so thats something to look up at some point

    While the Live Action are nice mostly the first Trilogy im still more of a fan of the 90s X-Men version :)

    1. Thanks Jinto. Yeah I think the 90's X-men version of Mystique will always have a special place in my heart too. :-) That was the first version of the character I was introduced to.

  4. Hot damn, this is an awesome post. It's great to see Mystique in all her forms. ^__^

    1. Thanks Atomic Chinchilla. :-D Yeah it's true. ^_^

  5. This is by far one of your best posts yet. Nice work man! I love it! Keep it up! Mystic was well deserving of this mega post!! Keep it up man! Your work never ceases to amaze me!