Sunday, June 1, 2014

Poll 55 Results/Summer Championship

It's that time again. :-) The 55th Poll of the Month has come to an end. After 1460 votes, here are the results...
It looks like Erza Scarlet cut down her competition proving that her feet are the favorite among foot fetishists. Securely in second place was Lucy and Wendy took third. You guys needn't feel too bad for the rest of these characters. They all proved to have foot fans of their own and even the late entry Minerva gained 4 votes of her own. :-)

One of the fun things about this poll was that I let users recommend characters for this one using the other choice. If the choices related to the poll question I added them into the poll. ^_^ Some of you choose to use that option to share your favorite people and characters which was pretty interesting too. Just for are some of the other choices that were written in...
I think it's worth noting that even though the poll wasn't about her anime...Nami managed to grab 4 votes of her own. ^_^;

Anyway as always I just want to give a tremendous thank everyone for voting and I'll try to keep your opinions in mind for future tributes. :-) Erza is definitely really hot!!

Ok everyone let's dive right into the next topic...summer plans. I have a lot of things that I want to do this summer i.e. Progressing with the hit list,  Move further along with Project Cinder, getting a couple of mega posts done and finishing a couple of storylines on WDC etc. Poll-wise I have something interesting going on to kick things off...a summer tournament of champions. :-) Several of the previous poll winners are coming back to compete for your votes once again. Only two women in Anime Feet history have every managed to hold the Queen of Anime Feet title. Who will join them this year? Once again your favorite female characters need your help to decide. 

On that exciting note...more to come soon everyone!!


  1. Just in case you guys were wondering which of the Fairy Tail girls was my favorite? Bear in mind that since I haven't watched the series yet so I only had appearances to go on but I picked Erza Scarlet too. Red Haired hottie for the win. :-)

    Anyway as always great voting everyone. ^_^

  2. Erza's a mary sue and very overrated got sick of her after the first 30 chapters, I loved the recent chapters where she was tortured she deserved every bit of it. Cana's the best =0 no doubt about it

    1. Well ain't you a ball of sunshine... :/

    2. I wonder which of the Fairy Tail girls would become my favorite once I watch the series.

      Lol...There's always that one character that gets under your skin that you wouldn't mind seeing something bad happen to. ^_^; For me that character is Yuffie Kisaragi.

      Cana is a hottie. ^_^

    3. Haha Good question but the series turns into crap after the timeskip the author even said you can find all the plotholes and stuff he's not a good one IMO.

      Haha FT has two of those Lucy and Erza haha. Yuffie eh? How come

      Yes indeed

    4. Aw that's sad. I was hoping it was going to be an exciting watch.

      Yuffie tends to act a little bit like a brat in FF7. She is a pain to recruit for your party stealing from you if you don't answer her questions the right way and then forcing you to go through the recruitment process again. She also makes you play hide and seek with her later on by stealing your materia and forcing you to chase after her to get it back. ^_^; To add insult to injury when she finally gives it back, she put it in the wrong position forcing you to have reorganize your equipment to get it the way you want again. ^_^; It a lot of work for a relatively useless character who doesn't even have any cool CG cut scenes involving her.

  3. It was also rather interesting to see how long Ezra and Lucy were in dead heat for first since the impression I got is that Lucy is a rather polarizing figure in the fandom. Honestly I'm glad to see both have strong supporters as I rather like them both. Then again, all of the Fairy Tail guild wizards are pretty fun personalities in their own rights. It's one of the reason I like the series.

    Looking forward to seeing what you guys post for this series! :)

    1. Thanks Hfar. Yeah it was very close between them and towards the beginning I thought Lucy was going to win. Both characters seem really hot.

      I really hope that I get the chance to watch this seems really great. ^_^

    2. Actually Lucy is pretty useless alls she does is whine and cry and never wins an important battle until the last chapter and that took over 350 chapters for her to do something useless.

    3. Yeah they just restarted in April after a break and the manga is still going.

    4. Oh...hopefully she'll get a chance to prove herself further in the future. Thanks for the info. :-)

    5. Lucy is actually a competent fighter when it comes down to it and has carried the day during more than one arc, it's just some fans don't like her because she's both the primary straight woman of the series and she isn't quite as bombastically powerful as some of her castle leveling friends. Oh, I've also heard some say they "can't take a blond with big boobs seriously." No really, some people still say this. -_-

      I would honestly take what our friend Destiny Dueler says with a grain of salt for while I respect what the contributions he's made here, in this subject his rather..."vocal" personal opinion speaks from a very subjective point of view.

      Ezra is a overwhelming and sometimes incredulous, but any challenge she faces during an arc is always a match for her skill and just like any other character she has to work for her victories. And her insane strength is explained as being a result of an oversight that resulted in her being betrayed which cost the freedom of her friend and cast adrift alone in the world, so now she seeks to become stronger to protect all of her new friends from harm.

      I've already made my case at least partially for Lucy, but let me add that Lucy's "weakness" and tendency to "cry a lot" is because she is quite possibly one of the most empathetic characters of the series, in particular when it comes to her summons. Unlike numerous other celestial mages, she is show treating her summons as creatures with feelings of their own who are to be respected and cared for. She's also very spunky even for a main heroine. Once when a wizard who had captured her was giving his "a evil mastermind am I spiel," she kicked him in the joy sack and tried to make her escape while he was curled on the ground. Then when it looked like she couldn't escape, she lepted off the top of a tower just so he couldn't use her as a hostage. That deserves respect in my opinion.

      But do not take what any one person says to represent the series in its entiredy. The series has its good points and its bad points, and Destiny Dueler and I have made our points for both sides. All I ask is that you go in with as much of clean slate as possible.

    6. Good points but Erza wins when there is no possible way then otherwise being a Mary sue like her fight with Kagura and Minerva out of magic and a broken leg hey Mary Sue powers activate she should've been creamed. Erza only wins because she's authors favorite in other series main characters lose lots of times but not in FT, Mashima is a halfassed author who can't write worth shit.

      Also Lucy treats her spirits like objects all the time making Horologium being her personal safety vessel, and Aquarius being a fountain. Even if she is compassionate she still whines when somebody from the guild does something she should be used to it by now there's no excuse for it and I used to like Lucy but her lack of character development is pathetic and the strength gap is enormous you say she's competant yes to weaker people she's never a help to the bigger threats when her friends need her, most of the Tenrou Island Cast was able to hold their own against a Grimoire Heart member but not Lucy couldn't do crap against any of them.

      Also the one your refrencing that was very early in the series and Everlue was not a strong person he's a barely above average human if that's your best example then that's pathetic.

      I'm being generous I said after Tenrou turns to crap, on a discussion forum there's hundreds of people who think it turned to crap after Edolas and half that think after Oracion FT is not the golden series it's made out to be it was good then the author turned it into plain Fanservice to sell the series which is just as pathetic as Kill La Kill

    7. I'm sorry you feel that way Destiny Dueler, but I remain by what I said. Ezra's ability to defeat Minerva was due to the unlocked potential she received along with EVERYONE and Lucy's spirits have summoned themselves numerous times to help her of their own volition and have outright said they don't consider themselves her tools.

      I generally don't let the opinion of one forum shape my opinion of a series, but I suppose in the end you believe what you believe and I believe what I believe. Perhaps then let us agree to disagree.

      Oh, and the nut shot I was referring to when Lucy refused to remain a captive was Jose Porla, the guild master of Phantom Lord.

    8. How do you explain her coming out mentally sane from her torture from Sayla that and having the strength to fight it's because she's a Mary Sue there's no other explanation. Hell Goku died twice, Naruto technically died, Yusuke died twice, Luffy broke mentally and got hit by magma, Seiya is in a coma, I'm just saying it's bull that erza wins all the time, others should come help her she's a pompous douchebag and she deserved to be tortured. Even with her unlocked Powers Minerva should've been more then enough to take her down. Plus the ending to the GMG was utter bullshit

      I don't either that's why I said I think it turned to shit after Tenrou it turned into a fanservice manga and the girls bodies have grown to outrageous proportions they shouldn't even be able to walk without falling over flatwords compare the artwork between the timeskips it's ridiculous the series has become a joke.

      I see

    9. *shrug* As I said, you will believe what you believe and I will believe what I do.

    10. guys are really passionate about the characters in this series. I guess I really have to watch the series to find out for myself. Thanks very much for your opinions guys. ^_^

  4. For this poll, it's a hard choice! It'll all have to depend on who's willing to get their feet dirtiest!

    1. If it came down to dirty feet, my money would be on Juri since she walks around about as close to barefoot as a person can all the time. ^_^

  5. Never been into Fairy Tail, but a hot redhead who holds swords in her toes deserves a win in my book. XD