Thursday, June 19, 2014

X-Men Evolution: Shadowcat Bonus

And last but certainly not least on what's pretty much become X-Men Evolution Week is Shadowcat, AKA Kittiy Pryde.

More of Kitty can be seen here:

That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Excellent work, my friend. Kitty and her feet were the only reason I watched this show.

    1. Thanks! Wasn't nearly as good as the 90s X-Men show, but I liked it a lot. All the X-Women getting so many barefoot moments were a great bonus.

  2. Ah yeah! My favorite X-gal! Thanks for posting all these AC!

  3. Awesome post Atomic Chinchilla!! :-) Kitty is really hot. I think of the X-girls in Evolution she has the cutest character design and she was a really fun character. I totally agree with you. In terms of X-men cartoon series...the 90's series was my favorite but I liked Evo too. Anyway this was a really great ending to truly excellent series of posts. ^_^ Thank you very much for making them.

  4. Yay Shadow Cat is one of my favorite X-Men