Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Legend of Korra: Korra 2

This week the Season Finale for Korra aired and we were once again treated to some really gorgeous views of the female avatar's feet. I'm going to add a Spoiler can probably deduce some of the major plot points of the episode from these caps and I'll probably be discussing some of the scenes this tribute too. The episode is so awesome that I don't think seeing this tribute beforehand could hinder your enjoyment of it but you may choose to hold off on reading this tribute until you watch it. It's ultimately up to you. ^_^;
Ok...basically the episode has Korra captured by her enemies the Red Lotus Society who chain her up and take off her boots leaving her barefoot and vulnerable . ^_^ Luckily for us her boots remain off for most of the episode.
I think bondage fans will probably enjoy this one the most because there's a lot of the Avatar tied up and struggling in the beginning of the episode.
Sadly none of the Red Lotus Society Members took the opportunity to tickle her feet while she was at their mercy. 
They do take the opportunity to rub some lotion into her legs though.   (Kidding...It's actually poison. ^_^;)
The thing about taking someone as powerful as the Avatar prisoner is that she's very hard to keep contained.
I think that I talked about Barefoot Escapes in the last post I did (Fujiko). We get to see another one up close this ep. ^_^
While there were several amazing close ups of Korra's feet in the episode, a lot of the frames (like the one above) were artistically blurred intending to show how quick she was moving.
You just have to chalk it up to how fast and powerful the Avatar's feet are. 
There are more than their fair share of clear closeups too though.
I tried to cap whatever frames I could though so we wind up getting a mixture. ^_^
We all know that Korra has the ability to use her feet to airbend but this is the first time we're treated to seeing her do it barefoot.
The clear eyes symbolize the Avatar state when an Avatar is at their most powerful moment.
Korra winds up firebending with her feet several times in the episode too.
:-D She definitely has the "Hottest"  female avatar feet I've seen. 
The main villain of the season Zaheer has the ability to fly so Korra use firebending to counter it.
She generates some flames with her soles using them to propel herself into the air.
It's worth noting that Korra's use of her feet for generating elemental attacks isn't limited to this episode.
In fact in the prior episode to this one she winds up she uses her feet quite a bit for elemental attacks due to her hands being chained up.
It winds up getting noticed so much that at least two of the online reviews I've read praise Korra's 'foot bending ability'.
Seeing the power of the Avatar's feet just makes me admire them all the more. ^_^
The thing about the Avatar state is that while Korra is at her most powerful in it.She isn't really in control of her actions. It's sort of like she's on autopilot taking down her enemies as quickly as possible
That's why her attacks sort of have a feral berzerker appearance to most of them.
With this type of animalistic style...bare feet seem to fit her appearance very well
With the Korra in her powered up state and both characters flying around. A lot of people made DBZ comparisons.
I have to say that this fight was really fun to watch. ^_^
(Most of these were captured from the final episode of Season 3 Venom of the Red Lotus Society. Massive thank yous to both Black Viper and Atomic Chinchilla for tipping me off to this.)

You guys can find more of Korra in her earlier tribute here:

I really can't recommend the Korra series enough to you guys. It has everything you could possibly want from a show...great action, exciting storytelling, beautiful animation, some lighthearted comedy, some intense dramatic moment, hot female characters :-D (actually great characters in general). Everything about this series is done superbly.

Season 3 in particular was really fun to watch and I'm really looking forward to the next season. (It's going to be a really grueling wait for it. ^_^;) Even without two really awesome episodes depicting Korra barefoot, it's definitely a must see.

Ok guys...that's all for now. As always...more to come soon!


  1. Amazing job capping this episode, KSC! :D A fantastic final battle that was reminiscent of Aang's battle with Ozai at the end of Avatar. The fact that she was barefoot through the whole thing was the cherry on top. Seeing her firebend with her feet to fly was just awesome.

    1. Thanks Atomic Chinchilla. I totally agree with you...such an intense final fight. I really enjoyed the season finale a lot. ^_^

  2. I absolutely knew you'd love this scene! I'm still surprised that after all that, Korra's feet are still spotless and clean! Hopefully, she gets out of that wheelchair soon enough.

    1. :-) Yeah her feet seem remarkably resistant to getting dirty. I hope so too. It was really a bittersweet ending to the episode. Felt so sorry for her. I really want to see her smile again.

    2. Let's hope for season 4 she'll be up and happy again! (And that Jinora has a full head of hair.)

    3. Yeah. ^_^ She sort of reminded me a little of Aang when she shaved her head. I don't know if I'd be able to tell who was who if their pictures were side by side. I guess it makes sense because she is his granddaughter.

    4. But if my dA webcam has anything to say, I hope it all comes back.

    5. :-D lol the sunglasses are a nice touch. ^_^

    6. At least in the fourth season, Jinora has a full head of hair once again since it fast forwards 3 years after Korra and Team Avatar defeated Zaheer and his anarchist group.

    7. :-D Yeah everyone matured over the time skip...I'm not sure I like Asami's new look yet...but maybe it will grow on me.

  3. Im going to say it. Her feet are hot

  4. Man they really, REALLY made up for no Korra foot scenes in the first two seasons with this season. It's really a shame about the consequences of this battle though.

    1. :-D Yeah...Here's hoping season 4 continues. Yeah it was really depressing seeing poor Korra like that.

  5. Wow... Did not see this coming... Bravo!!!

  6. The guys who made this show,must be foot guys too. Cool