Friday, August 15, 2014

Lupin Mega-Post Part 1: Side Characters

Hi Everyone...I'm going on vacation this Sunday and will probably be out of communication for about a week or so. I wanted to leave you with special so I'm once again partnering with the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 himself for a Mega-Post. This is a good one...a two part featurette to the women of Lupin. With 7 women in this segment alone, there's a lot of ground to cover so let's dive right in...

 She is a young woman who takes a shine to Goemon (A swordmaster ally of Lupin's). However it is more because she wishes to find the secret of his sword Zengetsu because her grandfather wishes to make a superior sword. She truly cares for her grandfather and does everything she can to help him complete his dream.


A teenage girl and daughter to a man who seemed to have collected a vast collection of Angel memorabilia. When Lupin first tried to rob it he accidentally got into her room to which she stuck to him to get her out of there. Even though Lupin tried to scare her off (in his own nice way) she wouldnt buy it and continued to be by his side (even getting jealous of Fujiko). She later tells him she will give him the location of the angel collection if he spends the next 3 days with her. They do and Lupin and her go bank robbing but the funny thing is that the small banks they rob are so excited that someone of Lupin's caliber has decided to rob them that they treat the two like celebrities. Sadly though this does not have a happy ending. It turns out due to a medical condition she only had 3 days left to live, She is later kidnapped by another group also after the angel collection and Lupin and the gang go to save her. It takes another sad turn when she does not die because of her disease but by taking a bullet meant for Lupin. She dies in his arms telling him to not to be sad because she was not expecting on living past that day. It ends where Lupin finds the angel collection, but instead of steal it places it around Aurora's bed where they placed her.

Black sheep of a rich family (likes to party, usually dating men for short times, etc) She employes Lupin to get her a ancient document that supposedly has the secret of immortality. Unknown to Lupin Fujiko is a rival of hers and after the same thing. 
Fujiko Imposter

A woman that uses the Fujiko disguise to trick Lupin to do jobs for her. It later turns out she is actually a gun runner. She also appears later to be a death seeker, wishing for Lupin to kill her. After she passes the gun to him (as you see in the pics) she goads him to shoot her. He denies and leaves the room. But moments later after he leaves we here a gunshot, much to Lupin's disgust.


She is a New Yorker who works at both a restaurant and a hoistest at a casino runned by a rich mobster that Lupin takes a shine too throughout the episode. She one day wishes to work in Broadway and trains hard everyday to hopefully one day make that dream come true.


She is the mistress to a greedy and evil king who promised her to make her his wife after the death of his current wife (who was also a friend of Fujiko's) So after the king has her killed by cutting her breaks, Lupin and the gang go and steal all of his wealth and reveal that the queen actually survived. With both of these revealed Juliet left him.
Pirate Captain

And lastly this woman who leads an all female pirate crew. Lupin and her run into each other when Lupin tries to steal a sunken ship filled with Gold that she claims that truly belongs to them. Even though she does not go barefoot the camera does like to focus on her feet that are in very revealing shoes

(I just want to give a massive thank you to Match who really outdid himself not only capping every foot scene in Lupin but also doubling as the description writer for this entry. :-D)

I've done tributes involving a Lupin character before but I don't think I've ever discussed the series itself. Lupin is one of those classic anime series that's a must watch for any devoted anime fan. Watching it though is an intimidating task because there are just so many episodes to see. There's not that deep of a understanding curve to the series though and you can pretty much dive though and you can pretty much dive in at every season. The title character is a thief who steals only for the thrill of it. To make it even more of a challenge he announces his thefts before he commits them. For some of the more challenging goals he teams up with other people including a Sexy Female Thief, a Swordmaster and a Gunslinger. Let a lot of the classic anime series (Trigun, Cowboy Bebot etc) it's difficult  to regulate Lupin to a specific genre. The series is basically seems like a comedy until it doesn't. Episodes often vary from lighthearted to dramatic or even philosophical sometimes spanning all 3 within a 30 minute time span. It's a fun series to watch though and there are a lot of great moments in it. As is apparent with this tribute there are quite a few attractive women in the series as well.

As you probably noticed, a major Lupin Femme Fatale is notably missing from this tribute. She'll steal the next bonus. :-)

I guess on that note...Stay Tuned for Part 2!


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