Friday, August 1, 2014

Poll 56

It's that time again. ^_^ The 56 Poll has come to an end. After 1000 votes (Yup an even thousand), here are the results.
:-D Well it looks like Revy managed to shoot down her competition in this one. With 301 votes, she successfully claimed first place and proved that her feet are the ones that most fans would prefer to be taken prisoner by. In second place was the One Piece Hottie Boa Hancock and Princess Zelda's Pirate alter ego took 3rd. Don't feel too bad for the rest of these women, they all proved to have foot fans of their own and even the rarest of them have 15 fans willing to worship her feet.

As always I'd like to give a big thank you to everyone for voting and sharing their opinions and I'll try to keep them in mind with future tributes and stories. :-)

Ok...hopefully this month will be my opportunity to catch up a bit. There were a lot of major tributes that I've been working on with some partners that I'm hoping to complete this month including some really awesome megaposts. 

On that note...more to come soon!


  1. I went for a rare one this time...Captain Syrup. :-) She takes me back to my childhood playing Warioland 3. ^_^ I remember doing a double take in the final boss fight realizing that the leader of the Kitchen Island pirates was a hot woman.

    Anyway...Great Voting Everyone. ^_^

  2. I went for Ryoko cuz I know she'll enjoy it. Fun poll

  3. I voted for Boa her and Tron Bonne are the only two I really like, Shelly's cute well before the Remakes her new looks not to my tastes was always a fan of Courtney anyway. Anyway I would love to be taken prisoner by Boa and after serving her feet and deemed unfit being turned to stone to serve as her foot rest for eternity

    1. :-D Both Boa and Tron are great choices. :-) I like Courtney too. O_O Very hot scenario involving Boa. ^_^

  4. I was torn between Captain Syrup and Tetra. I'm not too familiar with the wrestlers, but I love me a hot redhead like Tina Armstrong. :)

    1. :-D Both good choices Atomic Chinchilla. Tina is hot too. ^_^