Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lupin Mega-Post Part 2: Fujiko Mine

Ok everyone as promised here is part 2 of the Lupin set. A tribute to the female thief Fujiko Mine. Usually with Mega-posts my partners and I plan these tributes out well in advance. Some of them take months to gather material for. In this particular case, this tribute took a few years to get together. It was well worth it though because we managed to pay homage to all of Fujiko's greatest foot scenes throughout the series. ^_^ Enjoy guys. :-)
Match wanted me to give a special mention to a particular entertaining episode involving  Fujiko...Lupin 145 aka Albatross The Wings of Death which the following caps are from. ^_^
I think that you guys can probably figure out why this episode grabbed his attention.  ^_^
Incidentally Fujiko has a talent for pulling off the barefoot escape something that we'll see again later in this tribute. ^_^
Match mentioned that normally Fujiko's personality tests his patience but he found her to be really awesome this episode. ^_^
Having watched this episode too. I have to agree with him. She was really cool this episode. ^_^
The following scene from the Movie Lupin vs Conan is one of the best cases of foot teasing I've seen in an anime. ^_^
:-) That's one lucky thief.
You can tell he's really enjoying it too.
Fujiko actually starred in her own anime spin-off series to Lupin which is where the next set of caps are from. ^_^
The Spin-Off was titled "The Woman Named Fujiko Mine".
In case you guys are wondering, both sets of feet in these images are Fujiko's.
The opening sequence for her series had some trippy moments where she was facing off against herself...sometimes sans clothing. 
One of the memorable scenes for anime foot fans in that series was Fujiko craftily using her feet to escape a hostage situation.
She skillfully used her toes to pick the pocket of the person sitting across from her at the table.
Talented. :-)
This is not the first time I've seen women use their feet to escape before. It's always fun to see. ^_^
If you guys are interested maybe I'll do a post specifically celebrating various barefoot escape moments involving female characters in the future.
In one of the episodes Lupin actually has Fujiko examine the soles of her feet to snap her out of being brainwashed. 
To Quote Lupin's words to her: "The soles of your feet are as perfect as the rest of you!"
Animated Gifs
I couldn't resist making a couple of animated gifs for all of you. ^_^ You might need to give them a little bit of time to load. ^_^;
You guys can see alternate versions of this gif including larger sizes of them available for download here:

(Ok...I had a huge amount of help for this bonus. A tremendous thank you to my Partner in Crime for this tribute The Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25. He went through all the episodes and movies in this series to bring us these.  In addition to that I also have to give some massive thank yous to Starky and Ace Russell for sending in material and providing a clip of one of the scenes for this tribute as well.)

Additional material for Fujiko can be found in these earlier tributes for her as well:

Out of curiosity...Were there any foot scenes involving Fujiko that we forgot about? Let us know and we'll try to post them.

I can't believe I never did a bio for Fujiko in the past. ^_^;

Fujiko is a really fun character. The femme fatale of the Lupin series. Fujiko is the love interest of the main character in the series. She is an expert thief and Lupin often employs her on some of his capers. She is a master of disguise and often use her disguises to get close to her target. She's a pro at the stealthy break in and really good at lock-picking. She's quite skilled with weapons and can wield them with precision accuracy. She also knows how to use her sex appeal to her advantage. The downside of working with her though she has a penchant for double crossing her partners when it proved to benefit her. While most people would be annoyed by that, it's a trait Lupin finds endearing and just makes him pursue her all the harder the next time they meet. He promised to steal her heart and Lupin always gets his target. :-)

I like Fujiko a lot. It helps that femme fatales are great to watch in action and she's massively hot . (A lot of props to the various artists and animation teams who bring her to life). I love her scenes with Lupin. She can be really teasing and flirtatious as you guys probably noticed from some of these scenes and there's a comedic element to their relationship too. At the same time there's a lot of genuine romantic feelings between the two of them as well. It's really fun to see.

Alright...that's basically it everyone. ^_^ I'm going on vacation from tomorrow until next Saturday and I don't know what my internet will be like so I might not be able to communicate for a bit.

Just want to wish you all the best and have a great week!!


  1. You know it's really interesting watching the art style change over the years. I think my favorite scenes are the ones where she's taking out the plane gunner and of course teasing Lupin's cheek.

    1. yeah thats the only episode where i liked her in

    2. Yeah the variations in animation style are really interesting to see. ^_^

      :-) My favorite scenes as well.

  2. Wow. o_o That's some great variety of scenes. Loving that escape where she's kicking everybody's ass, as well as pickpocketing the keys with her toes.

    I'm very on board with a post highlighting barefoot escapes. :) There don't seem to be very many, at least as far as I can recall. I gotta remember to keep that in mind for my Feral Faith comic. XD

    1. :-D Yeah those escape scenes were awesome.

      O_O Ok I'll get to work on it. :-) I'll be an eye out for them in your comic too. ^_^

  3. a lot of work went into this post but worth it

    1. Yeah this post was really a lot of fun to work on.

      Thanks so much again for her Match. ^_^