Thursday, October 16, 2014

Doctor Who Anime: Female Agent

A really rare find tonight This character is a Female Agent/Possible companion from a fan made Doctor Who anime. The anime only exists as a 12 minute trailer but the really nice thing about it is that this character has a barefoot moment in it where she changes her shoes. ^_^ 
You can see that see that the agent flashes an ID badge briefly in the trailer but it's difficult to make out what her name is. Me and Skull (this tribute's sponsor) decided to call her Keiko Takamura as a way to identify her.
Doctor Who Afficianados will probably recognize this Doctor as the Third one.
(A big thank you to Skull for finding and sharing this character with us. ^_^)

Doctor Who is sort of mandatory watching for any hardcore science fiction fan. It has a really rich History with a lot of cool characters. I've only started getting into the series recently with it's 50th anniversary last year but I've been following the 8th season regularly. It's a entertaining series with a nice blend of action and comedy that doesn't take itself too seriously. It's really cool to see a version of the show in anime form. Whoever made this trailer did a really amazing job. ^_^

Ok everyone...that is all for tonight. As always...more to come soon!!


  1. I could never get into Dr.Who just weird to me =P but this looks good if not just because of her haha nice post

    1. Yeah...that's definitely is a weird series. :-D Heh heh yes...I think that if they do wind up making an anime like that...she would be the series breakout star. ^_^

  2. Doctor Who is a great series. I get the feeling that the anime is going to be total crap though.

    1. Yeah...if they ever decide to make an anime...I hope that they do it well. Sadly the trailer is completely fan made so it's more of a what could be type of thing.

  3. Oh wow, I saw this several years ago. :D It's an awesome fan tribute.

    1. Thanks Atomic Chinchilla. Yeah the trailer is really great. ^_^