Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gunsmith Cats Megapost

Gunsmith Cats is a fun OVA and manga series about a group of female bounty hunters. Their leader, Rally Vincent is a smart, capable woman who uses her wits and deadly precise aim to overcome enemies with superior strength or numbers.

Rally's partner is Minnie-May Hoplins, a spunky demolitions expert with a knack for laying traps and a love of high explosives.

On the non-combatant side of things are Becky Farrah, a no-nonsense informant with many contacts throughout the seedy side of town...

...and Misty Brown, a former thief and lock-picking expert with unrequited feelings for Rally.

The main antagonist of the OVA is a ruthless Russian assassin named Natasha Radinov. She's basically a female version of the Terminator, wearing a bulletproof coat packed full of weapons and shrugging off every injury she receives. She's also practically unkillable, surviving being shot multiple times, as well as more than one point-blank explosion.

Overall, Gunsmith Cats is a very fun and enjoyable series full of gunfights, car chases, and awesome women. What's not to love? The three-part OVA series is readily available to watch on Youtube, too!
Hope you like!


  1. Good going, buddy. I had forgotten this oldie.

  2. Wow...*Jaw Drops* This series really has a hot set of women. Rally O_O Great post Atomic Chinchilla.

  3. This is one of the best posts in the history of this site, I LOVE "Gunsmith Cats!" 8D

  4. Oh yes! I like very much! Time to add another to my "Anime To Watch" list.