Friday, October 10, 2014

Legend of Korra: Korra 3

Warning...Spoilers Ahead. I'm going to be summarizing again so if you haven't seen the episode you may want to watch it first. It available on the Nick website here. If you're ok with hearing a recap of some major events of the episode or have seen it already then proceed.

When we last left the Avatar (see previous tribute here)...she was in a bad state. Poisoned by the Red Lotus Society, Korra  was forced into a fight with their leader Zaheer. While Zaheer was defeated, the poison did a number on Korra leaving her both physically and mentally drained. This tribute picks up where the last one left off dealing with Korra's recovery. 
Plagued by the nightmares of her fight and still not quite able to stand on her own two feet yet Korra goes to Katara for help.
Katara tells Korra that while she can help the avatar heal. The extant of the Avatar's recovery depends on Korra herself.
The recovery starts small with Katara asking Korra to peform a simple task. 
If  you've seen the movie Kill know where this is going. :-)
Yup the Avatar has to try to wiggle her big toe.
While she does that...use foot fans are treated to some great views of her feet in the process. ^_^
It takes a little work but Korra is able to pull it off.
Onto step 2
The step consists of several steps. ;-)
This proved to be hard for the Avatar and she failed at first.
It was a pretty discouraging setback.
However she wouldn't be the heroine that we know and love if she gave up. :-)
She persists and is eventually able to walk to Naga. :-D
Ok so now that she's able to walk, she's recovered right?...Not quite. ^_^;
When she's physically healed...she's still mentally haunted by last season's fight.
That psychological turmoil is manifested by Korra visualizing another version of herself from the Zaheer fight during battle. 
If you remember from Last season, Korra was barefoot during that fight. :-D
For us...we're treated to a battle between Korra and her metaphysical doppelganger.
In case your wondering what happened to Korra's hair, she has sort of a Mulan moment in the episode where she cuts her hair off to hide her identity. ^_^
Animated Gif
As an added treat for you guys...I made a gif of Korra's toe wiggling. ^_^ You may have to give it a couple of seconds to load. ^_^;
(These are all from the second episode of Season 4 entitled Korra Alone.  An interesting piece of trivia is that this episode is similar in title to an Avatar Season 2 episode called Zuko Alone. It's probably not a coincidence. ^_^)

Some more of Korra's feet can be found in these earlier tributes:

Ok everyone...I'll keep things relatively short tonight. I have to say that this was a great episode with or without the foot scenes and Tarantino reference. Seeing Korra so down last's nice to see her pick herself up and attempt to recover even if she still has a long way to go. 

From a foot fan's awesome to see Korra's feet play a major role in the episode too. It's like they are telling the story of Korra's recovery informing you how she is doing every step of the way. ^_^ I couldn't have asked for a better visual aid. :-)

I know I say this every time I post a Korra tribute but definitely try to watch the series if you have the is that good!!

Alright...have a great weekend guys. ^_^


  1. Very nice, I don't like Korra never got into Avatar really, only like three or 4 of the girls really and she looks like He-Man on the first picture haha =D. But anyway great post and nice scenes =)

    1. Thanks Destiny Dueler. ^_^ Amazingly enough the amount of faves I have in the series isn't far off from yours...maybe about 6 women who I really like and some others that are fun to see on screen. Heh heh...I didn't think of that. Great now I have that comparison in my head. ^_^;

  2. I'm loving season 4 so far! The healing bath scene would make Tarantino proud. XD

    1. :-D has been awesome so far. :-D Yup...Between her and Azula we've really been pretty lucky with the Avatar girls and toe wiggling scenes. ^_^

  3. Is it possible to repost the barefoot scenes from the episode "Coronation"?