Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pokemon XY: Bonnie

Bonnie has a great love for Pokémon. She has strong ambitions and goals of being a Pokémon trainer, despite not being of age to be a trainer yet. She tends to forget she is the younger sibling and becomes very protective of her older brother Clemont. As a result, she'll often look for a beautiful girl to be her brother's wife, much to his chagrin. She is sometimes annoyed with his over-protectiveness and nagging, but she understands that he loves her very much, and she returns these affections. When frightened or stressed, Bonnie will reach for her brother's hand, or hide behind him, thus displaying a keen element of trust in their relationship.


  1. Bonnie's feet are so adorable! I just wish Serena had more time in the barefoot spotlight.

  2. It hurts me not getting to see more of Bonnie's feet