Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Good Luck Girl!: Momiji

Momiji is a God of Misfortune who is sent from another world to restore the energy balance on Earth by stealing the Fortune energy from Ichiko, although her Misfortune energy often loses out to Ichiko's Fortune energy. Her right arm is so concentrated with misfortune that she wraps it up in a cast, using it as a support for various gadgets such as syringes. She is also capable of transforming into a spirit form in order to pass through barriers. She is constantly clashing with Ichiko as she tries to steal her Fortune energy, becoming particularly irritated when her flat chest is made fun of. Nonetheless, she often finds herself taking pity on Ichiko, often encouraging her to try to use her Fortune energy to help others. Whenever she takes a bath in the human world, she loses her Misfortune energy and changes to a brighter personality, but will return to normal if made dirty again. She has a habit of nose-picking, which is a tribute to the anime series FLCL, whose eccentric character, Haruko Haruhara, she in some ways resembles. At school (to find any opening Ichiko made), she goes by name Momiji Binbouda.

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