Saturday, December 6, 2014

Super Street Fighter IV: Juri Han

Juri fights purely for the thrill of the battle; unlike Ryu, who seeks meaning, her drive is more vengeful and ruthless, as she likes inflicting pain on her foes, and can easily lose her temper when she is struck back in retaliation without warning. She displays several traits of a femme fatale, as she makes provocative and suggestive remarks toward her enemies, as well seen in her win quotes; she is also cunning and manipulative, and not above leaving her partners to further her own agenda. At times she appears to be brooding and depressed.


  1. oh please gif the toe wiggling scene

  2. Aw yeah, fantastic post. :D She's the only super martial artist I've seen who can fire energy blasts through her feet. More girls should do that. XD

  3. who did the art on the 4th 5th and the 6th