Monday, February 9, 2015

Batman Beyond: Dana Tan

Continuing my series on the DCAU, here's a set from Batman Beyond! Dana is the girlfriend of Terry McGinnis, the new Batman. Due to his long nights fighting crime, their relationship is very strained, often with Dana getting angry and dumping Terry more than once. But they always manage to patch things up, and eventually Dana comes to understand Terry's responsibilities with Bruce Wayne. Terry would also eventually reveal his identity to Dana and they get married.

These are from the episodes "Rats!" and "Revenant." Still a lot more DCAU material on the way, everyone! Stay tuned. :)


  1. Y'know, I watched "Rats!" recently and I thought to myself "I wonder if this will end up on Anime Feet?" Glad to see that it has. :)

  2. Always loved Dana. I remember rats being an episode I was very happy to rewatch in slo mo xD never had enough scenes with her or..many dcau girls feet come to think of it. Always wanted to see hawkgirl or huntress. Great post!

    1. I hear ya there. It's a darn shame that Hawkgirl never had any barefoot moments.

  3. I loved "Rats!". It's even better in video, because of the sound of barefoot running ^_^