Monday, February 16, 2015

Justice League Unlimited: Huntress

Just a quick DCAU month update this time. Huntress is a vigilante crime-fighter who was kicked out of the Justice League for pursuing vendettas and attempting to kill her targets. She's a skilled martial artist and shares a rivalry with Black Canary. In the episode "Grudge Match," Huntress takes off her costume in order to infiltrate an underground fighting ring where female superheroes are mind controlled into fighting each other.

This is the shortest DCAU post o' mine, but the last four are all going to be mega-sized megaposts! So stay tuned, errybody! :)


  1. Ahh huntress..I had totally forgot she had this scene. I need to rewatch em all. Still. No hawkgirl is always a heartbreaker.

    1. There's a few sparse glimpses of Hawkgirl's feet in sandals during flashbacks to ancient Egypt in "Ancient History," but there aren't really any good shots or her feet aren't drawn that well, so I decided not to cover her. :\

  2. All I have to say to you AC is two words....nice find! :)

  3. I know that I'm late in commenting but this is an awesome post Atomic Chinchilla. ^_^ Huntress totally rocks. :-D