Friday, February 20, 2015

Green Lantern: Gi'ata

Don't know if the Green Lantern Animated Series is technically part of the DCAU, but it has the same creative team behind it, as well as Bruce Timm's art style, this time rendered in 3D. So I say it still counts. XD Gi'ata is one of the Star Sapphires, a group of women who are fueled by the power of love the same way that Green Lanterns are powered by will. She's young and naive about true acts of love, and the Sapphires believe that by keeping the ones they love trapped in suspended animation, it will keep them safe from harm and happy forever. She sees the error of her order's ways, and leads the Sapphires in becoming a true force of love.

Toldja the next one would be a big post! XD And there's still three more to come!


  1. The Star Sapphires are my favorite Lantern Corps. Very lovely find!

  2. Gi'ata sure was cute. It sucks that she had to die in lieu of Aga'po.