Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Fool's Day!!!!

Surprise!! A midweek update. Well here's a nice semi-bonus for those who actually check my blog in the middle of the week.

(These colorful pictures are webfinds that I searched up scouring the net. While I don't know which comic book artist drew the second shot...I can tell you the first was drawn by John Estes and the third was drawn by Carlos Valenzuela)
Harley ranks pretty low on my list as far as comic book babes go. However, since it's April Fool's Day...she's perfect for an honorary feature. You guys probably also noticed that some of the girls from my recent comic book interactive chapters managed to sneak their way into the pictures as well.
Due to popular requests from multiple readers...I decided to add a few chapters to start off the Poison Ivy thread. Don't worry...once I set up the sexy red-head for some footworship...I'll go back to writing for Huntress and Supergirl. Speaking of Supergirl...if you happen to visit the comic book interactive by sure to check out some great chapters from Torborg and Melroser.
In my last blog entry I didn't get to promote any of my other favorite authors. Chalk it up to a busy weekend. I'll remedy that here
Melroser has added a smelliest feet battle thread between Makoto/Ibuki
Dylan M. has added a new chapter resurrecting the Idou monster from the Yakumo filler saga
Ok...that's all for today. Continue to check my comic book interactive throughout the week for more new stuff.

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