Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Poison Ivy (Bonus) Poison Ivy starter chapters are winding down...two more to go. (Hopefully I'll be able to finish her up by tommorow) I was planning a Poison Ivy bonus once I had those starter chapters complete but since there are quite a wide variety of barefoot poison Ivy pictures on the net...I decided to split my bonus into two parts. Hence another mid-week update.

(Once again I've been scouring the web to bring you these. Because of that...I can only identify three the 6 artists who drew these. Basically the three middle shots are Ed Benes, Banks, and Julio Cesar)
Poison Ivy barefoot pics are a lot easier to find than some of the other character. I guess since she's tied in with nature...artists depict her barefoot more often.
Ok...Moving on...Stefan AKA StreetFighterDash is slowly but surely recovering from his writer's block. In his efforts to figure out which character to write foot fetish story about next...he's released a new poll on his blog that he requested I promote. You guys can check it out here.
I do have a character that I'm rooting for but don't worry...I won't try to influence you guys.
Ok that's it for tonight...Tommorow I'll try to get some more Poison Ivy chapters out.

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