Saturday, April 5, 2008

Poison Ivy Bonus 2

Ok...I'm back. Sorry for the delay everyone...but here is my true update of the week. Well...I've been working on Poison Ivy chapters pretty much all week. So here are some hot pictures of her to go with them.

(All of the pictures for this bonus were webfinds making it difficult for me to credit the comic artists. I only know who did the last 4 pics. They were done by Ed Benes (The pencil drawing is bigger than the colored version I posted earlier in the week hence the double post), Brian Steelfreeze, and the last two shots are done by Alex Miranda)
If you're wondering why this entry is titled Poison Ivy Bonus 2...That's because I updated my blog earlier in the week. Actually I updated a few times scroll down!!!! ^_^ (Don't get used to it though ... I'm not quite ready to return to daily blog updates just yet)
I've finally finished my starter chapters for Poison Ivy. Which you can view here.
Hopefully, I've given other authors some good material to play with and the thread will continue to improve. Since a lot of people seemed to prefer a domination story starring that character...I tried to focus my chapters in that direction leaving as much variety as possible. I also meant to add a possibility where the reader gets to have their way with Poison Ivy's feet (tickling her senseless etc) but I didn't get the chance to write that chapter this time around (maybe I'm come back to write it after I'm finished with a few other characters).
For my next step...I'll once again go back to alternating between Supergirl and Huntress as well as writing for some other interactives. (I promised some other authors I'd add a couple of chapters to their interactives and I hope to get that done during the next week.). My comic book interactive additions will probably slow down a bit next week but I hope to get at least one good Huntress chapter out.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my tribute to Poison Ivy and I had a blast working on her. As usual more to come soon.

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