Thursday, April 3, 2008

Red Shadow (Bonus)

My third midweek update this week comes courtesy of Melroser76. It was my conversation with him on kunoichi's feet that made me reminisce about Red Shadow and his request to see what she looked like that led me to post these pics of her. Since this site is my method of uploading guys get to see them as well.

(Every shot except for the Black and White one were taken from the Official Bushido Blade Fighter's guide. The Black and White shot was taken from the Bushido Blade 2 instruction manual)
Bushido Blade was the game that came with my PSX so it's one of the games that I have classic memories about. In the game Red Shadow was easily my favorite female character due to the fact that her alternate costume had her wearing sandals barefoot. (I should probably add that since there were only six characters in the game...two of which were female...It was a rather easy choice). Though Ironically the other girl in the game (Mikado) was the character that I was stronger with, Red Shadow had a cool set of moves (i.e. backflips) that made her enjoyable to play as. Add in the fact that she was lightning quick in a game where you could kill your opponent in a single hit and you got a character that totally rocks. Anyway...hope you guys enjoyed these retro pics.
In terms of my writing...I released another Poison Ivy chapter for my comic book interactive viewable here.
I know I'd said I'd finish off my starter chapters for her today...but I think it's gonna take me a little longer...I'll try to have her set up by tommorow. (I know I said that yesterday too :P)
Ok Everyone...I'll think I'll end my entry here. I been a busy week blogging wise and I still have my normal entry to do tommorow night. Hopefully I'll have something good for you guys.

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