Friday, April 11, 2008

Huntress Bonus 2

Well compared to last week I didn't get that many chapters out but at least I was able to end the week right with an extra long Huntress chapter. The lovely Ms. Bertenelli also happens to be the subject of tonight's bonus.

(As with most of my comic book bonuses lately, these pictures are a series of webfinds drawn by the artists Ed Benes, Fred Benes (3 shots), Scanned by, Unknown, Foust, and Diego Blindman)
Huntress is a favorite character of mine so she'll probably appear in my bonuses pretty often. Even when she's not barefoot, she's still sexy but I know my audience so I threw in a sole shot of Ashley Scott as well. (Ashley played Huntress in the short lived series Birds of Prey).
Ok...while I didn't get the opportunity to add that many new chapters to my comic book interactive, other authors JayJay and Melroser76 have added some great chapters starring She-Hulk, Catwoman, Batgirl and Poison Ivy. You can see those along with my Huntress chapter here:
Now just because I haven't updated my comic book interactive, doesn't mean I haven't been busy writing. I spent the week working on some of my interactive story requests. One request involved continuing a Makoto/Ibuki storyline for the smelliest feet interactive which I added two chapters to along with it's moderator. While I was there I also updated the Nina vs Anna Williams thread. All of which are visible here.
I also added a requested (Non-fetish) chapter to a Naruto couples storyline involving Suzumebachi and Naruto.
Not quite a spotlight yet but definitely noteworthy is that SFD's character poll has ended and he's in the process of working on new story starring it's winner Cammy...check out the SF/FF Interactive for the story soon.
Over the next week...I'm probably going to be working on my comic book interactive pretty regularly. (I'll try for at least one chapter a day.) Also on my update list is my Soulcalibur GTS story from way back. I'm aiming to finish that story by June in time for SC4's release. I'm setting myself up for a busy week but hopefully I'll get to everything that I have planned.
Ok Everyone...Enjoy the pictures!!


  1. No Barefoot pics,again? Like Viacom's TV networks,this blog is starting to lose its meaning.

    As for your Soul Caliber Story,I'm sure it wil be good,even though I'm not,nor ever will be,a GTS or a Soulcaliber fan.

    SF4 is comming out soon and it's gonna whoop the hell out of SC4.

    And To Celebrate SF4's release I'm planning on completing all the Street Fighter stories in my SF/FF interactive,as well as my Interactive Fantasy Foot Tickling.

  2. I guess Ashley Scott barefoot wasn't enough to appease you. :(

    Don't worry Barefoot women and stories will remain the staple of this blog but ocasionally if a woman is sexy enough (Like Huntress is),I'll post what I can get of her.

    As for Street Fighter 4...I really want it to do well but in terms of whooping the hell out of Soul Calibur 4...I wouldn't get my hopes up.

    I am looking forward to seeing your next wave of Street Fighter stories.