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Batgirl (Stephanie Brown)

Sorry for the lack of updates from me recently...I've been working on some material a lot lately. Recently DC comics has rebooted many of its popular series. As a result of that Barbara Gordon reclaims the role of Batgirl and the current Batgirl Stephanie Brown's fate remains in limbo. It's a little sad because Stephanie really was great in the Batgirl role. As a tribute to her let's take a look of at some of her best scene including some of her barefoot/foot related moments. Enjoy everyone!!

Suiting up

Stephanie takes on the role of Batgirl during a period of huge changeover in Gotham. Bruce Wayne is presumed dead and Dick Grayson has taken over the the role of Batman appointing Bruce Wayne's son Damian in the role of Robin. Cassandra Cain the previous Batgirl has called it quits and Tim Drake the previous Robin has moved onto the Red Robin Identity leaving Gotham for Europe.

Assuming the Batgirl role Stephanie is met with a lot of resistance from Barbara Gordon who doesn't believe that Stephanie is up to it.

A couple of caps for shower scene fans. ^_^

Eventually Stephanie's determination wins Barbara over and she helps Stephanie with her secret identity a lot even redesigning her costume to fit Stephanie's preferences better.

Kick Scenes

Usually when I read through Comic issues, in addition to foot related scenes I try to look for scissor scenes too for one of my friends. I had to tell him that I couldn't find really find any because Stephanie is a kicker. She prefers to take down her opponent with her powerful feet.

Her kicks are actually one of her most powerful moves and we wind up seeing opponent after opponent taken down by them throughout the course of her series. there was a slight scissor there in between kicks :-D

You guys get the idea ^_^;
Sock Scenes

Stephanie actually has a lot of scenes where she is in her socks relaxing in between facing off against Supervillians.

Stephanie and Tim Drake

Stephanie originally started out as a villainess eventually reforming and becoming the girlfriend of Time Drake for a period of time. As such they have a lot history together. This gets explored in some great scenes during a crossover where Tim (under the guise of Red Robin) guests stars in Batgirl Issue #8.

One of the running jokes throughout the series is that Steph often winds up giving her internal monologues out loud. ^_^;

Witty banter between exes aside...the issue is also notable because Steph dons heels and an elegant dress in it. ^_^

She also has a barefoot fight scene in it too. ;-)

A couple of other funny moments as well. :-)

Lucky assassin getting pinned under Stephanie's foot like that. :-)

Stephanie and Supergirl

The modern Supergirl has teamed up with this version of Batgirl a couple of times and the two of them of them are close friend. Naturally when Kara visits Gotham in Batgirl issue #14 she looks Batgirl up.

Naturally, Superheroines hanging out together involves stripping and pillow fights. ^_^

:-D No comment. ^_^

Steph is once against wearing socks but at least we get to see Supergirl barefoot. :-D

I was hoping they would give each other pedicures but this is still an awesome issue recommend. :-)

The first couple of covers for this series intentionally hid who the identity of who the new Batgirl was. It does show off a nice view of her legs though.

Stephanie and Robin

The current Robin (Damian Wayne) and Stephanie sort of have a love/hate relationship kind of like a sibling rivalry going on.

There are actually some really funny scenes involving these two that I coudn't squeeze into this bonus. UPDATE: I added them as a follow up extra here for those that are interested. ^_^

Stephanie and Proxy

Stephanie's partner for a lot of her missions is the Computer Hacker Wendy "Proxy" Harris who is a the daughter of the Supervillain the Calculator. An interesting note is that Proxy actually makes an appearance in the most recent episode of Young justice. Keep an eye for her in future episodes.

Probably the best foot moment in the occurs in issue 22.

(These are all all excerpts from various issues of Batgirl vol. 3 including artwork from Stanley "Artgerm" Lau, Lee Garbett, and Phil Noto)

In comparison with her predecessor Cassandra Cain, Stephanie's personality is a lot closer to the original Batgirl Barbara Gordon's. She doesn't have the badass martial arts skills Cassandra possessed but she does have the heart and determination to succeed. (Sort of like Naruto in that way.) She knows that she's not the best and she makes a lot of mistakes but she keeps pushing herself trying to do good. I think that is what makes her a compelling character to read about. There are a lot of heroes we see that are perfect and success comes to them without having to struggle. Stephanie has to push herself for every win. She has a lot of growth throughout her series (which considering it is only 24 issues is a really short time) and we eventually see her filling the role of Batgirl really well. When her series started, I wasn't sure she was a good choice for the Batgirl character. This is an idea echoed by many characters in her book. Bruce Wayne saw her as a loose Cannon, Tim Drake sees her role as a super hero as playing dress up, Barbara Gordon demands she quit immediately and Damian Wayne thinks she is inept. However one by one she proceeds to win everyone over winning over the reader in the process. By the end of the series I was really rooting for her and she became my favorite comic book Batgirl.

The Batgirl series is a lot of fun to read. Similar to Powergirl there is a lot of humor in it but the action seems even more intense. Stephanie being a pro at verbal quipping has some really funny lines in it but the strength of the series comes with her interaction with other characters (Oracle, Proxy, Batman, Robin, the villains etc). There are a lot hilarious scenes that I enjoyed so much that I found myself rereading her issues over and over. There are some really touching scenes in the series as well. I definitely recommend checking this series out. recently I've been juggling some of my activities here devoting a lot of time to What I have been doing is working on some storylines, communicating with authors and reviewing some of my favorite stories. In honor of WDC's 11th birthday I reviewed about 50 stories. In my next couple of posts I'm going to do a new wave of Spotlights showing of some of the best stories that I read. For now though, I want to promote some of the latest updates to my comic book interactive story. Here we go...

Comic Book Interactive Status
Since the last time that I spotlighted this story there have been a lot of really great additions. Not only have I been working on a lot of new chapters, a lot of really awesome authors have been adding to the story too. (If you are reading this thanks so much guys). Some of the really cool story threads updated include...
*A new chapter involving being punished by Huntress' feet by the author The Vile.
*A chapter where the reader massages and sniffs Helena Bertinelli's feet by The Vile.
*A new chapter involving being punished by Jennifer Walter's (aka She-Hulk) feet by the author Surpriseme.
*A new story chapter involving Lex Luthor's assistant Mercy making Lex worship her feet written by His Divine Shadow.
*Two new story arcs involving Zatanna's feet written by His Divine shadow.
*A continuation to Mary Jane's storyline involving getting to massage her socked feet by me. ;-)
*A continuation to Emma Frost's storyline involving getting dominated by her and the female members of the Hellions by me.
*A storyline involving being forced to worship Killer Frost's feet written by His Divine Shadow.
*A new storyline involving the Human torch developing a foot fetish for his sister the Invisible Woman's feet co-written by His Divine Shadow and myself.
*A story arcs involving being dominated by the Assassin Cheshire's feet written by His Divine Shadow and myself.
*A story arc involving Red Arrow being teased and dominated by Cheshire's feet written by His Divine Shadow.
*An awesome continuation to a storyline involving getting shrunken and punished by Poison Ivy and toyed with by Harley Quinn written by the author Windleaf.
*And finally there's also a brilliantly written story arc involving getting to tickle and lick Batgirl's (yup this Batgirl's) feet written by the author Vordertur which served as an inspiration for this bonus.

Yeah really a lot of great new chapters to read. ^_^; I've also created a couple of new trophies hidden in the interactive for the treasure hunters out there, bringing the total number to 11.

Ok that's going to do it for today. Have fun reading guys and more to come soon.


  1. Really nice! I think my favorite pic is the "First of all, who's we, Proxy?" panel. Good work^^

  2. Wow. A massive Batgirl/Spotlight Post to start up the great Anime Feet Machine. Well done.

    The Vile is a spectacular author. Doesn't stop at the line drawn in the sand either XD

  3. Thanks guys. ^_^

    Yeah I really liked that picture too Mask Greene. Getting a peek at Stephanie's soles is hot.

    Yeah I loved The Vile's writing a lot too Savantome. He really wrote some amazing chapters involving Huntress. Actually I was really very impressed with this round of additions. All four of you guys wrote some really awesome chapters. :-)

  4. Batgirl's feet are always sexy, not matter what incarnation she is :D

  5. eh nice to see batgirl, but there where practically only 5 pics where she was barefiit. What happened to the images i sent you?

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  7. Eventhough she shares the same superhero name as the redhead that you sent in Match, this girl is a different. That said...Barbara Gordon's time will come soon and her bonus should be pretty Jaw dropping. :-D

    Hot Mask Greene...going to check it out now. ^_^

  8. Just as a side thing. I did a little bit of a follow up bonus adding some of the best Stephanie and Damian scenes here for those that are interested. ^_^ No foot content in it but they are really funny. ^_^

  9. Just now updated the Invisible Woman! Enjoy the new pics. At the bottom of the comic pics but above the cartoon pics.

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    Oh,and Mask Greene great site. It has loads of potential. :)

  12. I don't suppose anyone could ID the 4 issues unknown at ? Trying to arrange the actual foot pics chronologically.

    1. Mom at home = Batgirl Vol. 3 Issue 1
      Time Drake = Issue 8
      Proxy = Issue 20
      Hospital = Issue 24 (the last issue)

      Have fun Tyciol