Saturday, September 24, 2011

Killer Frost (Bonus)

Ok guys...a lot to cover tonight so let's dive right in. :-D I've always wanted to do a tribute to Killer Frost but being the coldhearted villainess that she is, she never really given me much to post her. She's had a couple of incarnations in various cartoon series but she's always been wearing her boots. Luckily the most recent episode of Young Justice gives us a quick peek at her barefoot. Enjoy guys!!

Episode Quote: Killer Frost: "You're interrupting my beauty sleep little girl. If I don't get my 8 hours I turn into a real killer"

(Various caps of different incarnations of the Icy Villainess. The barefoot scene is from the Young Justice episode "Terrors". Massive thank yous to both His Divine Shadow and Epsilon7466MK2 for tipping me off to her. I'd also like to dedicate this bonus to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 whose Birthday is today. Happy Birthday Match :-D )

Having only watched a few of her cameo appearances in Justice League and Young Justice, I don't really know too much about her other than her being a villainess with ice based powers. However, watching her in action during Young Justice, this girl stole the show. She became the focus of every scene she was in coming across sexy, powerful and chillingly evil at the same time. This is one villainess you don't want to mess with but at the same time can't help being attracted to as well. Why are bad girls so irresistable? ^_^; As far as I am concerned, this woman can dominate me with her feet anytime.

Ok everyone, having gotten a new wave of great chapters added to my comic book interactive recently, I'd like to do a new....
Comic Book Interactive Status Update:
I always love being able to report when some excellent chapters have been added to this story and there have been a lot over the past couple of weeks. New chapters include...
*A great new story arc centering around Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman's secret identity) by the author Kodo.
*A new chapter involving Wonder Woman dominated by Giganta's feet by the author Kinasin. hot!!
*A new chapter involving you being forced to become a part of Poison Ivy's foot by Lilipoot.
*As well as two new chapters involving being given a taste of what it would be like to become the inside of She Hulk boots (also by Lilipoot). Gotta love these transformation stories. :-D

Ok in addition to that...before I end the entry, I have a couple of...
This time around lets do some stories involving anime and cartoon girl feet. ^_^

First up we have A Massive Victory for Azula by Windleaf
This is a hot story starring everyone's favorite firebending princess. Basically the premise is that Azula grows to massive size and uses her giant feet to cause serious devastation. There's alot of awesome GTS and Foot related action in this. It also has an additional gts appearance by another one of the Avatar girls. :-) Definitely check this one out!!

Next up is Pokemon Sensational Sisters Foot Fetish by Joker
There are a lot of fetish stories involving the Pokemon gym leader Misty getting her feet worshiped but this time around her sisters are the ones having the fun. So far the chapters added to this story have been really well written and fun to read. There is a really romantic story arc involving Daisy getting her feet worshiped by her boyfriend (you) and a great beginning to a storyline involving Lily's feet getting worshiped. A great read!

Ok combining themes from the previous two stories, our last spotlight of the night is the interactive Pokemon: Shrunk by Iris by Rollnkutter
Rollnkutter's claim to fame is creating interactive involving the main character (you) getting shrunk by various Pokemon girls (May, Kris, Lyra etc). As the title suggests, his latest interactive involves shrinking in front of the energetic Dragon Trainer/Gym Leader Iris. So far there is a really good thread involving the main character winding up in Iris's shoes and getting teased and played with by her feet. Nice!!

Alright guys. That's going to do it for now. Have a great day and as usual more to come soon!!


  1. mmm what a great way to start off my birthday, finally get to see my favorite ice girl's bare feet

  2. Happy Birthday Match. Hey,KSC,could you do me a favor an Adverise my RoR blog for your Next post. Thanks.

  3. There's been a lot of really awesome blogger activity lately. Some great new blogs appearing and some classic blogs updating. I've been considering doing a series of blogger spotlights similar to the spotlights set. It will probably take me awhile though since I'm still doing all those WDC birthday reviews. Man my backlog is really through the roof. ^_^;

  4. Only one word can sum this bonus up...Killer :D

    Happy B-Day Match :)

  5. Happy B-Day, Match!

    Killer Frost is a unique villain, she is actually an enemy of the superhero Firestorm.

  6. Fire vs ice. That is a showdown I would enjoy seeing. ^_^

  7. @ KSC Yeah,but My Blog Need most attention