Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Arkham City Poison Ivy

Just a quick post for today. Hot off the press, here is a gorgeous picture involving the plant villainess Poison Ivy.

(This is from the Batman: Arkham city Comic Book Series. A massive thank you to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for this awesome image. :-)

Some other earlier tributes to the plant villainess:
Yeah she's been featured here a lot in the past. ^_^; It's because she forces me to tribute her feet regularly and punishes me if I don't. ^_^;

I'm really looking forward to playing Arkham City. With Catwoman, Harley and Ivy in the game and Ivy guaranteed to be barefoot...this game has to be full of win. :-D

Ok...moving along...
Comic Book Interactive Status update
:-D Back to back columns. This one commemorates the interactive having finally broken the 500 chapter barrier. :-D I just want to take this opportunity to give a huge thank you to all the authors who have taken the time to contribute to this story and help it grow. I really appreciate it a lot guys. Also thanks very much to all the readers as well. :-)

Ok so recent additions include...
*Chapter #500 continuing a story arc where Superman (the reader) is dominated and forced to kiss Black Canary's feet written by Kingssidecastle (me). ;-)
*An awesome set of chapters continuing a storyline where Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) wind up getting her feet are tickled mercilessly written by Vordertur.

I've also added a brand new trophy to this interactive bringing the number of trophies hidden inside of this story to 12. Some of them are easier to find than others. :-D

Ok guys continuing with the WDC birthday commemoration, here are some more...
Meeting Stephanie McMahon by Stephanie McMahon's Slave
This is a great story involving becoming a slave to Stephanie McMahon and other female wrestlers. :-D It actually has about every female wrestler you can think of in this story. It also has a ton of forced foot worship scenes written by its creator and other authors such as Qwertyers and Pandaman. Definitely worth reading!!

Shrunk with Friends, Family, and More by Mr. E
I spotlighted this interactive a lot in the past (and will probably continue to spotlight it a lot in the future. ^_^; This is one of the larger GTS story interactives on and receives so many great additions frequently that I'm not always able to highlight every chapter that I enjoyed reading. Just to summarize my favorite story arcs involve the main character's older sister Julie and his cousin Bianca which coincidentally have the greatest amount of foot domination content. Recently though I'm finding myself really drawn to one of the newer storylines involving the lead character Jake becoming an insole to his sister Sarah's sneaker. Several of the latest additions written by House, Lilpoot and Kinasin have continued this storyline with one direction allowing Jake to find himself at Julie's feet as well. A totally awesome development!! :-)

Ok guys, I'm going to have to cut things short and end this entry here. More pictures, spotlights and features still to come.


  1. Nice pic. Hey,KSC,have you ever concidered Organising you're posts like I do?

  2. Yeah...using the labels are good idea. Breakthewalls started incorporating them a little bit with his posts but I haven't had the chance to go through and add them myself yet. It is a great way of organizing though.

    In general, I really need to give this blog a massive redesign. There are a lot of new features that I want to incorporate. Some of which I've been experimenting with. ^_^

  3. Awesome pic, KSC! I don't know if Poison Ivy is included in the Arkham City game though- but if she is, that would make it double-awesome. ^___^

  4. Thanks Sole Keeper. Oh...I really hope they include her. She stole the show last game. ^_^

  5. I was going to get the game anyways...but I guess you can say that a barefoot Poison Ivy will boost my incentive :D

    Great post KSC, would love to get foot dominated by this red headed villainess :D

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  7. gad danget, my friend left his screen name signed in again.

    anyway, she better be, she was the main reason i bought the first one

  8. I've got to say King, Lillipoot has been a breath of fresh air in the shrinking department. Even goes as far as inanimate transformation. But Mr. E is always reliable for a good chapter :D

  9. Thanks guys. ^_^

    O_O Hot BTW. I would love to be foot dominated by this redhead too. :-D

    Definitely crossing my fingers for a Poison Ivy appearance too Match. ^_^

    Yeah Savantome...I really like Lillipoot and Mr. E's writing a lot too. :-D I also enjoy reading inanimate transformation stories a lot (especially the foot related object kind) as well. ^_^

  10. Well, I have some good news. Been looking around, and I think it's safe to say Ivy's in Arkham City. She's been confirmed to be in the game by her voice actress, and icons from the game were shown with her among them.

    Supposedly she's there as an ally to Catwoman, which I hope doesn't mean we won't see her in some kind of action. In any case, I think AC will be as awesome as the first game- it's out in a few weeks I think.

  11. Wow...that's awesome news Sole Keeper. Definitely really looking forward to the game now. :-D