Monday, September 19, 2011

Karin Bonus 2

Ok guys. ^_^ Here is a little bit of an extra scene involving the hot redheaded kunoichi Karin.

Once again a lucky Suigetsu is winding up getting trampled by Karin. ^_^;

My jaw dropped when I saw her discard the robe. ^_^;

If there was one thing that I could change about would probably be her Sasuke obsession. Seriously girl...that ninja doesn't deserve you. ^_^;

I can totally picture Karin dominating Suigetsu by making him her footslave if she could. Maybe she might force him to massage her feet with his toothbrush...

or make him wash her feet for her. ^_^

(These are from various episodes of Naruto Shippuuden involving Karin but the bulk of them are from episode 161.)

Some more of Karin can be found in this earlier bonus here:

This bath scene depicting Karin wearing nothing but a towel is one of those hidden gems that appears after the credits have aired. It's worth noting that watching the post credits scenes for an anime is sometimes a great way to find hot barefoot scenes. (Another notable one involves Hinata soaking her feet in a stream.) A lot of times Anime producers use that area to squeeze in some great comedic moments but they also have been known to have some really cool fanservice moments there as well.

Karin has this tsundere type personality meaning she can seem cold or mean but has a sweet side too. A lot femdom fans (myself included.) really like that type of personality a lot because it leads to some great dominating scenes while having some sweet moment as well. For the characters in Naruto, most of them (poor Suigetsu in particular) wind up experiencing the colder side of Karin's personality while sadly the only one that gets to experience Karin's sweeter side (so far) is Sasuke. ^_^;

Appearance-wise Karin is one Naruto's hotter female characters. I love the glasses and redhead look and I think that she is especially cute when she blushes. I've said it before and I'll say it again...worshiping this Ninja girl's feet would be awesome.

Ok guys as promised here are some

Keeping in line with the theme of this post...our first interactive up is a classic Naruto and Feet Story Interactive by the great Melroser76
Recently a string of awesome additions from the author Jedsho1234 have pushed this into the over 500 by a lot. With over 50 lengthy chapters...this really is the foot story to read this month. Most of the chapters focus on Sakura making Naruto (as well as Hinata) her slaves but there are other girls involved including Ino, Shizune and Tsunade. Some other threads set up the possibility for Naruto to become a slave and be dominated by other women as well including Temari and the female ninjas of the cloud village. Femdom fans will definitely be really pleased with this one. :-D

Speaking of Jedsho1234 Naruto and femdom, he recently started a new interactive Naruto Femdom Slave Stories
So far there is a nice thread involving Naruto revealing his secret desire to be a slave to Sakura. Derfinitely keep an eye on this interactive in the future.

Ok last up, I'm going to spotlight the interactive Foot College by the author Sauurman
The story looks at a wide range of colleges that involve foot related situation including regular colleges, fantasy colleges, and women ruled colleges all involving radically different situations. They are also a wide range of characters to choose to explore these colleges with including characters without foot fetishes who find themselves being forced to worship female feet, submissive male characters who look to be enslaved, dominant female characters, submissive female characters, shrunken brothers, female villainesses...the list goes on and on. Definitely a lot of amazing possibilities. :-D

On that note...I think that it is time to end the entry here but more spotlights and caps still to come.

Until Next Time Everyone!


  1. Speaking of WDC spotlights. I though tou were gonna help me gain more support for my Interactives. I really need more contributors.

    The thing is,I Cant do these interactives by myself,I need serious help with them.

    Oh and decent bonus pics.

  2. That's not exactly how the spotlights works Stefan. All I can really do is showcase the stories that I really like and try to get more people interested in them.

    That said...I didn't get the chance to spotlight everyone I wanted to in this entry. There was a lot of really great writing that I was reviewing for WDC's birthday that I didn't get to squeeze into this post. Definitely keep an eye out for more of them in the future. :-D

  3. I know that. Anyway,My next story is up. Everyone check it out. I told ya the content would be coming at a rapid rate..and I meant it :D

  4. Dominating Red Heads FTW :D

    Would love to be Karin's scissor and foot slave :D

  5. Nice Stefan. ^_^

    Thanks Breakthewalls. ^_^ :-D Yeah dominating redheads rule. ^_^ I would love to be Karin's foot and scissor slave too.

  6. Must definitely agree with you KingSC. Karin is lovely but this Sasuke Obsession Syndrome has led to a couple of the greatest misplacement of affection in the Ninja-verse. Which is a shame, because she really has a lovely pair of feet :3

  7. Yeah between Ino, Sakura and Karin crushing after him. Sasuke really lucks out in the series. It's sad that he doesn't appreciate these girls.

    :-D Yeah Karin does have really lovely feet. I hope that we get to see more of scenes with them in the future. :-)

  8. KingSideCastle, I know this doesn't count as anime but in the latest Young Justice episode, their is a quick but decent shot of Killer Frost foot for a second or two.

  9. O_O Thanks very much for the tip Epsilon. Going to cap it now. I should have it posted by tomorrow. :-D

  10. I'm glad you like my stories =) Thanks for giving them a shout out. I'm honored you think so highly of them. Just a side note- I really want to make Naruto Femdom Slave Stories one of THE fetish interactive stories to read... So there's going to be a lot of stuff coming out of that =)

  11. No problem Jedisho1234. ^_^ Your stories are great. :-D Definitely looking forward to reading more of your writing in the future. :-)