Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ghost in the Shell: Prime Minister Yoko Kayabuki

Hey everybody, it's BreaktheWalls again and I'm back to give you more Ghost in the Shell goodness! This time, I'm giving you pics of Japan's sexy Prime Minister, Yoko Kayabuki!

Hehe, something tells me that a lot of us would have voted for her is she were to run for office in our country ;)

Yoko is a strong, intelligent and passionate woman. Despite being considered a figure head in her party, Yoko is a strong leader and cares deeply for her country. She wishes Japan to be self-sufficient and have it's independent voice in the world and not a lackey to a superpower (Be it Europe, China, the US or Russia). She is also not afraid to go against the wishes of powerful people in her party and risk getting scapegoated by her party, which would have resulted in her impeachment. All in all, she's a great that is lacking in today's world. I bet a lot of us would love to massage and worship her tired feet or have our faces used as a foot rest ;)

I don't need to repeat for how I feel about Ghost in the Shell...but still, I fiercely recommend it to any anime fan, it's a true classic


  1. agreed GITS is an amazing series. But i have yet to see the movie GITS-SAC individual eleven

  2. @ allan

    GITS-SAC isn't a movie, it's the second season

  3. Notice her left foot (the one on top in the seated pose) is shaped backwards, like a right foot (the fleshy part and arch are reversed). Poor mutant girl!

  4. Wow...Amazing bonus Breakthewalls. This prime minister is incredible hot. Awesome post. :-D

  5. So,KSC,Match,BTW. Are you boys ready for some tough competition?

    You should be,because in just a mere couple of days,The Realm of Randomness will be getting a massive amount of Foot content. Both Fics And Pics.

  6. @ Mackenzie

    Well...didn't notice that...I guess that might be one of the PM's dark secrets XD


    Thanks man :D

    @ Stefan

    Great to hear! Can't wait to see what you have