Friday, November 11, 2011

Catherine: Catherine

Welcome to Anime Feet Theater...Tonight's feature...A sultry seductress from the videogame Catherine.

(Just some webfinds and caps from the game. ^_^)

Over the summer, I got the chance play the game Catherine. It was a really awesome and I really recommend it a lot. It has a great anime style to it (complete with some awesome cut scenes) and the puzzle-like gameplay is really addicting. The music of the game is good too. :-) The storyline of this game is one of its best features so I really don't want to give too much away about it but it is a psychological thriller that centers around cheating and nightmares. You guys can check out one trailer for the game here:

The girl in this bonus is one of two title characters in the game. Yes there are two girls with the same name in this one (though they differentiate between the two character's names with their spelling). This blonde Catherine is a great character. She's playful, flirtatious and a little mysterious. Some interesting pieces of trivia about her is that she likes horror films and has a sweet tooth. That's all you're going to get from me. ^_^ She has been known to be pretty kinky so she probably wouldn't mind playing fetish types of games. O_O Just be a little bit careful around her because she can get a little bit carried away with her roleplay. ;-)

Ok,,,everyone...that's all for tonight. ^_^

Stay Golden and more to come soon. :-D


  1. I wouldn't mind having some fun with her ;) I'm sure she has plenty of foot slaves already via seducing :D

    Can't wait for my fave of the two though :D

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  3. The English Version has F-Bombs,which is stupid. One of the reasons I HATE Most English Translations.

    The Translators have to needlessly spice up a game or anime.That goes for some Subbers too(both official and unofficial).

  4. BTW,The Cartoon Historian is Back and with fresh Ideas. You guys come check out my latest post.

  5. :-D Yeah I bet that her feet come in handy with seducing a lot of guys BTW.

    O_O The other girl is my favorite of the two as well. ^_^ I like her glasses and nail polish. ^_^ Not to mention she is a great girlfriend. ^_^

    :-D Sometimes its very difficult to get the exact translation from another language Stefan. There are subtle things that lose their meaning. ^_^ I found in general that subtitles usually tend to be closer to the original but it can vary. I definitely don't envy the Translator's job. It is not easy to do.

    O_O I'll stop be later . ^_^

    :-D Yup this one definite psychological thrill ride Match. ^_^

  6. Hi, I've been a fan of your blog for a long while. Do you think you can upload some pictures of Ilia from Twilight Princess? She's not from an anime though, but she has been barefooted all the time.

  7. Thanks WilliamsBlackDragon. Illia...
    I'll try to post her. ^_^

  8. Here's a couple of cute barefoot girls I found:

  9. I've heard many good things about this game and the trailer looks good. Even heard there was some Gts content in here. Heavy price tag though ;)

  10. I gotta say, I watched some gameplay footage and Catherine is quite the minx :D I would love for her to seduce me with her feet :D

    By the way Triton, I was wondering when it will be a good time for us to talk again. I really want to chat with you and did you get my e-mails?

  11. KingsSideCastle, have you ever heard of Chibi Maruko-chan? It's an anime that's extremely popular in Japan. Maruko, the main character, has an older sister, Sakiko, that appears barefoot at times. There's one particular scene that's excellent in this episode:

  12. O_O Barefoot characters are awesome Shadowmandude. Thanks very much for recommending these women. ^_^

    :-D It is a good game Savantome. ^_^ Sadly the GTS is fairly minor. It's basically relegated to a couple of dream sequences where giant nightmare versions of the female characters chasing the hero. There are a couple of promotional pictures that depict the character in GTS situations that are pretty hot though.Yeah the price tag for this one is fairly hefty (especially for the collector's edition). ^_^;

    :-D Yeah she really is very seductive Breakthewall. Being seduced by her feet does sound really hot. ^_^ Also, I'll be on later tonight if you want to chat ^_^

    O_O Looks like a fun anime to watch Unknown. I'll try to cap it. ^_^ Thank you for the tip. :-)

  13. No problem.

    Sorry about the shit picture quality. The only version of the show that seems to be on the net are crappy Chinese TV Rips. Still, it's a great show and you don't really need to understand the language to get what's going on.

  14. Awesome update! I've got Catherine for PS3 but sadly the gameplay is keeping me from getting through the story. Oh well, maybe someday. Great pics anyway!

  15. I wasn't sure if I wanted to play this game at first. But now that I know that it has cute girls that give so much foot fanservice I gotta play it! Epic post dude! I hope there are more video game posts in the future. There hasn't seemed to have been many on here for a while.

  16. Thanks guys. ^_^

    Yeah...I can relate to the difficulty of the game Sole Keeper. they took a really simple puzzle concept like climbing up boxes and made it incredibly challenging. ^_^;

    Thanks Heretichero. ^_^ I'll try to do some more videogame girl in the future. :-D

  17. Sweetness man. Can't wait to see. I hope you got a Thanksgiving Special first because that's coming up real soon! Early Happy Thanksgiving guys! I don't know the next time we'll hear from each other on here but do have a fun holiday! And be sure to check my blog out soon! I got a Thanksgiving Post coming up in about 5 minutes so be ready to be amazed when it comes on!!!

  18. ...


    Nice. And those are all from the cutscenes and stuff? Awesome game. Atlus continues to come through.

  19. Yeah they really gave her some nice cutscenes. ^_^ It was really great. ^_^