Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Poll of the Month 39/Rosario + Vampire Poll Results

:-D I feel like a newscaster lol. Ok pulling double duty this here are the results of both polls given last month. ^_^ First up the favorite Rosario + Vampire girls feet bonus poll. ^_^ After a weekend of voting and207 votes are the results...

O_O It like Kurumu charmed most of the voters hypnotizing them into picking her feet. In second place was the Ice Demon Mizore and the lead character Moka managed to secure herself in the 3rd spot. Take a look at the side character Lilith though who managed to do very well for herself despite only appearing in one episode. I guess you can never underestimate the power of a barefoot fairy. In a side battle, the dominating Ruriko Kagome managed to narrowly beat Shizuka Nekonome as the favorite teacher. As for the rest of the women, they all proved to have fans of their own and even the rarely featured Ageha Kurono (Kurumu's mom) has one lucky fan to give her a foot massage if she needed one. ^_^

Ok onto the main was touch and go for awhile with three girls scrambling for the top spot but after a whopping 1134 is how it played out...

It looks like the wind carried Haylin ahead in this poll. This cute witch blew away her competition proving that of all the witches in this one...her feet are the ones that most people are enchanted by. Bayonett managed to lock her self into second play and Morrigan from dragon age managed gain 3rd place. I wouldn't feel too bad for the rest of these women. They all did pretty well and even the lowest voted character Kurohime had 15 fans enchanted by her.

I just want to give a big thank to everyone for voting and sharing their opinions. These polls were really a lot of fun. I'll try to keep voting results in mind for the future. I'll definitely post a tribute to Haylin soon. ^_^; I think that I used most of my best Rosario + Vampire material in the last series but I may another sexy succubus tucked away to post in honor of Kurumu.

Ok a new poll tonight and I'll try to post a tribute for Haylin soon. After that I think I'm going to do a couple of individual tributes for a bit before diving into a new series. :-)

Have a great day everyone. :-D


  1. So which two did I pick? For these two I voted for Moka and Scarlet Witch respectively. :-D Moka was an easy choice for me cause I have a crush on the cute pink haired vampire. I like her alternate form as well.

    The Witch poll was trickier for me because I was torn between Haylin, Scarlet Witch or Ruby. In the end I picked Scarlet Witch because I think that her red boots look very hot. It just made me picture her feet even more.

    Anyway great voting everyone. ^_^

  2. Those polls where tough ones to call. I wasn't sure who to pick in both of them but I know that the best ones won because they have the prettiest feet! I can't wait to see what you post for Haylin and any other girls you are going to pay tribute to from these results! Keep it up man! And check out my finale soon! I was real lucky to find it and have something different from my other Halloween posts.

  3. my vote was for the cute Yuki-Onna, would love to warm up her cold feet with a nice massage

  4. I was all the way towards Haylin, and my fave cutest girl of the W.i.t.c.h manages to win one, but I couldn't make a vote for the other because I don't know very well of that anime show.

  5. In the Rosario + Vampire poll, I voted for Kummuru. I guess I just like girls with blue hair...not to mention that kick POV helped XD

    For the witch poll, I voted for Bayonetta, a super sexy tease that wears glasses and wields high-heel guns....come on, how do you beat that?

    Oh and don't forget to put up the next poll Triton ;)

  6. Thanks everyone. ^_^ I'm really glad you guys enjoyed these polls. Some really good choices and resoning behind each of your decisions. :-D

  7. As for this poll...I think nearly everyone here knows who I'm going to pick ;)

  8. Hmm...If I had to guess...I would say that would be Ryomou. ;-)

  9. Ryomou! Rymou! Ryomou! nuff said XD lol no offence KSC but you mispelt shimei - its ok these things happen 2 all of us lol - funnily enough I've been working on a story about Ryomou recently ;) you must have some1 spying on me XD jk its going to be like your stories on with lots of options how the story goes and what you would like to do to ryomou/rymou to do to you lol ;-) i'll keep up 2 date when its ready

  10. :-D Hot Choice Martin. ^_^ Oops sorry about the mispell. ^_^; O_O A Ryomou story? That sounds really awesome. Looking forward to reading it when it is ready too. ^_^

  11. I think I voted Ruby in the earlier poll (before the R+V feature began). Sadly I missed the second poll as it'd have given me quite an entertaining dilemma!

    The black and white duet of Kurumu and Mizore are deserving winners, definitely. Clearly the features on this blog had an influence on the voting with the one-episode character Lilith taking a comfortable 4th.

    If I'd been able to see the votes before voting I'd have probably voted Ruby again. By far the biggest pervert of the series, she'd easily be the most open and playful for this kind of fun!

    She also ended up getting joint 4th in the witch poll (behind 3 lead females from mainstream stories), and was the highest-voted Rosario girl NOT to be featured by this blog (tying - no pun intended given her bondage thing - with Ririko, and beating Kokoa and Tsurara who were all featured).

  12. Yeah I think the Lillith's tribute helped a lot with her standing in this one. She really had a lot of great scenes. ^_^ Yeah Kurumu and Mizore definitely deserve the top two spots. ^_^

    Ruby is a really great choice Veroom. ^_^ I really like her a lot. She doesn't have that many scenes in the anime but she really is great in any scene she's in. That witch really rules. ^_^

  13., just checked back and you're right. I knew she was a late arrival in the first season (episodes 9, 10 and 13), but looking back, her presence in every episode of the second was little more than cameo.

    Between both series I think she only gets two foot shots and the first of those is a blue-hued dream state too. Very disappointing.

  14. Yeah I really wish she had some more barefoot scenes as well. :-( On the plus side she does have a lot o good cosplay scenes in the anime. ^_^ I really like her normal goth type of outfit too. It looks really hot!! ^_^