Friday, November 4, 2011

Hay Lin (Mega-Bonus)/Poll of the Month 40

Ok as promise here is a tribute to last month's poll winner the cute Witch Hay Lin. ^_^

(These are a combination of caps from the W.I.T.C.H. episode R is for Restless and scenes from the W.I.T.C.H. comic book series. Massive thank yous to both Shadowmandude and Digiharrisom for these hot scenes)

I think I pretty much gave most of Hay Lin's bio in her previous entry here:
She also has a few barefoot scenes in this Witch group bonus as well:

I do have to agree that Hay Lin is very cute and from the feedback that I am receiving, she does seem to be a lot of people's favorite W.I.T.C.H. team member. She is a really cool character with a lot of personality.

Ok moving you guys probably noticed, I added a brand new Poll for November. This one (sent in the ultimate Scissor Fan Breakthewall) put in the role of facing off against hot female fighters who are all known for applying submission moves on their opponents. If you found yourself being pinned and dominated by one of these hot fighter's feet, who would you want it to be?

Though the poll suggests a foot scissor (a hot scenario where the girl you are up against traps your neck and tortures you between her feet), feel free to picture other submission moves and forms of foot domination for her to use on you as well. As always voting is anonymous and you don't need a blogger account to participate and I really enjoy seeing what your opinions are. Also if you guys have good fantasies involving different types of submission moves or forms of foot domination that you would really enjoy, feel free to share them in the comments as well.

Alright everyone...that is basically it for tonight. Have a really great weekend. ^_^


  1. cute chinese girl's feet, cant resist them

  2. A very nice gallery of pics of our fave air element power girl. On a side note to let you know, I'm actually P, I've manages to get the proper name up.

  3. Thanks guys. ^_^

    Yeah Chinese girls definitely are really irresistible Match. ^_^ We don't get that many of them either. Off the top of my head I can only think of Jade and Chun Li besides her. ^_^ Though that already is quite an ensemble. :-)

    O_O I didn't realize you and P were the same person Shadowmandude. Very cool nickname that you picked out. Thanks again for the for this cute Witch.

  4. Oh yeah...just for fun, my favorite Submission move is the figure four scissor hold where the girl would wrap her legs around her neck forming a facsimile of the number 4 basically giving me a good view of her feet in the process.

    My favorite form of foot domination is getting my face used as a footstool by the girl I'm being dominated by and getting teased by her rubbing her feet in my face.

  5. And thank you for a place where cute girls like Hay Lin show their feet and not feel arkward.

    Also, my personal choice I choice for a submission hold was Ryomou, something of a girl with an eyepatch says hot and badass in the sametime.

  6. Great post KSC :D Hay Lin is a super cutie :D

    As for my favorite hold, it has to be the classic headscissor, staring into the face/crotch of a sexy girl, seeing her glare or giggle at your expression, very hot :D

  7. Thanks guys. ^_^

    :-D Ryomou seems to be really popular. ^_^ From the comments I've been receiving, a lot of people seem to enjoy being at her mercy. :-)

    O_O Headscissors definitely provide the person on the receiving end of them with a great view as they are tortured. ^_^ I'd love to be teased in that hold too. :-D

  8. 0_0 SO much barefoot goodness!!!! This post is an epic win! Nice job dude! I never expected one girl to have so many foot shots in one show and in comic. Nice job! I can't wait for the next post!!!

  9. Everybody loves an Asian girl's feet ^-^! Nice job dude! I just want to play with those toes all day long!!

  10. Excellent work KSC! I imagine, scrounging all this up was difficult work. Oi, it's been a while...

    I've have missed you my friend XD

  11. Thanks guys. ^_^

    Yeah I'm really glad the comics and the series managed to give her feet some attention Clownz12. ^_^

    :-D Would love to play with her feet too Heretichero. ^_^

    O_O It's good to hear from you Savantome. ^_^ Hope that everything is going good with you. :-D

  12. Doing okay KSC. Got a job that's been keeping me pretty busy. Let's me get a little art commissioned on DA though. I'm hoping to be a little more active now. ^_^

  13. That's great Savantome. ^_^ I'll definitely keep looking out for your online activity in the future. ^_^