Sunday, November 20, 2011

Catherine: Katherine

Ok guys...sorry for the slow posting and response time this week. Things are starting to get really hectic again. ^_^; Anyway continuing with the Catherine series, here is a tribute to other title character Katherine Mcbride.

(Various webfinds and caps from the game)

I like Katherine a lot. She's a cute and caring albeit a little bit dominating girlfriend. She's the type of girl who would be perfect to settle down and have a family with. She contrasts really well with the other Catherine (who is more fun loving and playful) bringing a serious aspect to the main character that helps keep him grounded. Being a bit more complicated, we do see fun sides to this Katherine's character too just like we see some genuine caring from her counterpart making it difficult for the player to choose between the two women. The game has multiple endings based on your actions throughout the games. As fun loving as I am, when it came down to making the choice of which character that I wanted to be with, I found myself picking this Katherine more. There was something sweet that really won me over. ^_^

Sadly as you can see Katherine doesn't show off her feet quite as much as her counterpart. Her best foot moment in the game is a hidden cell phone picture depicting her in a bubble bath that you have to unlock. ^_^

Ok guys that's all for now. I'll try to post some more soon. Have a great day and Stay Golden. ;-)
(Which in this case stands for Katherine's Sole Cleaner.)


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  2. gad dangent when will he stop forgetting to sign out

    anyway Katherine is so much more attractive than Catherine. Sad she didnt have as many shots though

  3. Yeah I prefer this girl to her counterpart too Match. I don't know what it is about her...her blue painted nails, her glasses or her slightly dominating personality but I was really rooting for Vincent to wind up her. I also wish they gave her more scenes as well. ^_^

  4. Damn, I'm not sure which Catherine is hotter. The first one or this one. This Catherine gave us just a little more fan service with the bathtub shot so I'm leaning in favor of her lol! Nice post dude!!

  5. Doesn't Katherine know it's rude to wear your shoes in the house?

  6. My favorite Katherine...would love to clean her soles with in that tub :D

  7. Thanks Heretichero. ^_^ Yeah...I love the bathtub shot too. Definitely Katherine's best foot moment. ^_^

    Yeah it would have been awesome if she took off her shoes before she entered the house Unknown. :-D

    O_O That would be really fun BTW. ^_^

  8. First off, Happy Thanksgiving.

    Now, here's a video link of the newest Phineas and Ferb episode where we see a sleeping Candace outside with barefeet, and Isabella decides to have a little fun with Candace's toes up at 7:12. Enjoy.


    This video is in one of those lame reverse things, don't why, guess the uploader thought it be funny, but hope that doesn't change your ideas of this.

  9. :-D Thanks Shadowmandude. It's incredibly neat seeing a girl get her feet played with. ^_^

    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. ^_^

  10. Yeah, the first one definitely gave us more to work with, but this is good too.

  11. Screw the other cathrin vincints a dumbass kathrins EVERYTHING A GUY NEED