Thursday, November 24, 2011

Batwoman: Kathleen "Kathy" Duquesne

Hi guys. Hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving. As a little bit of a post-holiday treat, here is a special bonus...the title female character from Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman. Spoiler Warning: In the movie there are three girls who masquerade as Batwoman but only one of them, a mob bosses daughter named Kathy Duquesne, goes barefoot in the film. She does give a really awesome scene though which is conveniently posted below. ;-) Enjoy guys!!

(As mentioned above these are from the direct to video Batman movie Mystery of the Batwoman. I have to give a really tremendous thank you to the Legendary Match25 for fulfilling my fantasies and once again proving exactly why he is the Master of Sole Shots.)

Kathy is incredibly hot. Not to mention a sexy superheroine too. I could probably spend all day just staring at her feet or worshiping them. :-D

One interesting piece of trivia involving this girl is that the word on the net is that the producers of the film were originally name this character Kathy Kane having her share the same name as the comic book character she is based on. However, DC felt uncomfortable letting Warner Bros do that because the film Kathy performs actions that could be viewed as criminal. As a result, her character's last name become Duquesne with the pronunciation being "Du Kane" instead which helped add to the mystery about Batwoman's identity.

Ok guys...that's all for usual more to come soon. ^_^
(Which in this case stands for Kathy's Sole Cleaner)


  1. *daze* too bad couldnt get any shots of the clumsy nerd or the strict cop, but these were so lovely

  2. These already sent me into barefoot shock. I shudder to think what would have happened if they had a scene with all three girls barefoot in it. ^_^;

    Thanks again for these hot images Match. ^_^

  3. Excellent. It's so rare to see hot black girl's feet in animation.

  4. She's my fave of the three :D

    Great finds Triton! :)

  5. :-) Thanks Tristan. ^_^ She's a good choice. Fun girl. :-)