Saturday, April 27, 2013

Comic Book Gals: The Jungle Book

   Okay, people can bash Zenscope comics all they want for being "sexist" and "unoriginal" but they do some damn good jobs on art and they revamp classic fairy tales in ways the modern generation can love. Or rather, people our age since kids these days wouldn't know what true Disney creations were if it came and bit them in the ass. But enough of my rant, on to the subject here.
   Far away on a jungle island, the animals were for the longest time at war with one another in a fight for dominance on the island. Until a pirate ship loaded with children for slave trade crashed on shore during a thunder storm bringing the war to an end. The animals then divided four children amongst the tribes and made a sort of truce amongst each other in order to prevent their own extinction.
   Years later, our heroine Mowgli (YES, Mowgli is a chick in this series) has grown up with the wolf tribe and now seeks revenge on the tiger tribe who slaughtered her pack on a mission to claim the island for their own. With the traveling of the grown humans, the borders of the jungle begin to disappear and soon a new battle for supremecy begins.

   This is only a taste of things to come. I'll post more when I get more. 


  1. Gender-swapped Mowgli. Interesting. :o I can dig it.

    As long as this comic hasn't reduced Kaa to a simpering idiot and mind control fetish object like the stupid Disney version, then I'd be happy. XD

    1. I'm glad to hear dude! I'll be sure to post more this summer the moment I get my hands on a scanner to zip in some pics for you and everyone else.

      Dude, trust me, Zenscope comes does not take Fairy Tales lightly. They push it as far as it can go in the perspective of darkness. The monkey tribe is under the tyrannical rule of Baron Louis (rather than kiddy King Louey) who keeps his subjects and his human pet Dwain under his control via hallucinogenic seeds he rewards them for their obedience, Kaa refers to himself often in the third person while stating how hunger is his companion (considering how big he is in this version its no surprise), and just the overall feel of the story about a new generation finding out the truth behind the stories their elders and predecessors told them growing up and how the community as a whole must now address this reality when the truth breaks out and things turn out for the worse. Its an amazing comic man, I highly recommend it.

      Oh yeah, thanks for commenting! I'm glad you like my posts enough to give feed back and give compliments when you can.

    2. It's no trouble! :)

      That's actually a really neat idea with the hallucinogenic seeds! This sounds more interesting as I look at it. I did a little reading up on Zenescope and it does seem like they take the stuff seriously. It's just that all the covers to their comics make it seem like porn. :P

  2. Wow...gotta love Zenescope and its tendency to make its characters easy on the eyes. :-) Right before I left I was in the middle of reading their series involving a female Robin Hood. I'm looking forward to reading this one too as well as catching up on Grimm fairy tales too. Great post Heretichero!

    1. Robin Hood? I didn't hear about that one. I'm gonna have to look into that.

      Thanks for the comment dude. I'm glad you liked this. You won't be disappointed in this series, trust me. They just started part two of the series so expect more of this when I get my hands on it.