Saturday, April 6, 2013

Toph Beifong

Hey Twinkle Toes, I heard you like Toph.



  1. remove the sexual and lesbian artwork, this group is supposed to remain PG-13

  2. Nice shots of fan pics! I like 'em.
    You know, I've always wondered what kind of masseuse Toph would make. She could tread on your back (I love that idea) and get a real good idea where the knots and kinks are.
    If she stood on your head, could she tell what you're thinking?

  3. The pics are all really well made. Good post, but I think that the ones with adult content shouldn't be here, even if they're cropped or censored. :/

  4. Good post and all, but you sure those censored pics are gonna be cool on here?

  5. with the Pokemon girls post, the censored pictures are a little bit too much for this site. Other then that it's a good post Bambino.

  6. I still can't get over the fact at one point in Legend of Korra *in the flashback sequances of course lol* Toph has 6 fingers and only four toes! :'( I hope nothing ever happend in a battle to slice one of her cute precious little piggies off! -_- other than that I blame the animators for making plenty of badly noticeable mistakes.... such as Amon lowering his left hand to the water benders head, only for it to turn out his right hand is on his head???

  7. Hey there! If you like Toph's feet, you should check out this pic!
    Here's an edited version with the feet in focus
    And a in focus clean feet version

    It has become my new fav Toph pic... also in this artists gallery is an amazing Korra pic
    And a slight edit by another artists... this is my preferred version

    As well as a pretty nice Katara pic