Saturday, April 27, 2013

Comic Book Gals: Miki from Elephantmen

   Okay, this series is very underrated and is in need of a better rap by the comic community because not enough people know about it. Elephantmen is by far one of the most psychological comics I have ever read touching on racism, homophobia, xenophobia, how we treat our veterans, abortion, science gone too far, and really the human condition in general. Set in a future world, Europe has been wiped out by the deadly FCN Virus leaving the land open for grabs and the United Nations of Africa and China going to war over the spoils. Africa has a trump card up its sleeve though, genetically engineered super soldiers made of animal DNA spliced with human DNA born from women kidnapped from all over Africa to give birth to creatures known as Elephantmen. When things start going south for China, the U.S jumps in to save their business partner and to defeat the science group responsible for creating the Elephantmen MAPPO. Years after the war, the Elephantmen have been rehabilitated and put to work in the civilian world all over the globe facing discrimination as hybrids and hatred by others for their atrocities in the war.
   Hiromi "Miki" is your typical third generation Asian girl whose mother barely escaped the war in Europe. Now living in LA in her early 20s and still living with her mother, Miki is your typical bad girl smoking, drinking, having premarital and often unprotected sex, jumping from one man to the next breaking hearts and getting a bad reputation all while working for L.A's most luxurious way of travel Sky Cab Services. Her life becomes more difficult when she finds herself falling for Elephantman Hip Flask the hippo Elephantman. However, her desire for forbidden fruit tests her relationships with her friends and family and is forced to grow up as she sees what she has gotten herself into.
   Here are the best pics I could find of Miki.There are more in the actual comics but I am not able to scan them because of the very large, very delicate, book volumes I have been reading the series in. I can't break the spine or cover guys, sorry. This series means too much for me to lose. If you guys know another means. Please tell me. 


  1. Pretty neat concept for a story, and the art is really cool! :)

    1. Dude, you have no idea how amazing this series is! You have to pick it up the first chance you get!! The moment i picked up volume 1 and was introduced to one of the main characters Ebony Hide the elephant Elephantman, I fell in love with the series because it already had a main character who I could relate to so well and even felt like I had been taken out of reality in put into another guy's shoes.
      The artwork changes periodically between different artists which keeps it interesting and allows for a certain amount of anticipation for whose gonna draw next. Each art style is fitted pretty accordingly for the moment in the issue/story arc. For example, the first style you see with Miki on the pedestal is used for the more chill chapters where we get to know more about the characters and their lives and another art style like at the very end is used when there is foreshadowing to an epic moment either verbal or fighting. Its just a real blast dude, you can't go wrong with this series.

      Thanks for the comment. Stay tuned for more of this series because Miki isn't the only girl I need to post from this series.

  2. O_O This series is new to me. It sounds like it would be interesting to read. Miki is definitely really cute too. She seems like an interesting character. :-)

    1. Dude!! You HAVE to read this when you get the chance!! THis is by far one of the most important sci-fi/noire pieces of our time!! It also helps there are lots of guns, boobs, and in our cases pretty barefooted girls lol.

      Miki is pretty interesting because she's not like so many other comic girls who go for the whole "girl nextdoor" feel or all lady like as you see with girls like Louis Lane, Gwen Stacy, and the others. She's really a good depiction of modern day girls ages 19-23. She's had a private education, she's fluent in English and Chinese, she's an incredible artist, she has a great fashion sense, she is extremely knowledgeable about ancient Egyptian history, and she's just an overall flirt which makes her cute. However, its the weaknesses to her character that make her so much more intriguing because we get to see her become an adult like she needs to be and learn alongside her that love isn't a toy.

      Thanks for the comment man. I'm really glad you liked this. I was starting to think that this Elephantmen post would be a bust.