Friday, April 12, 2013

Magi: Labyrinth of Magic 1 - Morigana Weapon Set

   Okay, I said that I wouldn't  post any screencaps because I felt that everyone else pretty much had it covered but then I slapped myself because this girl here has been begging to welcomed in with an open mat, open arms, and open hands to pamper her just as much as Medusa and Toph were welcomed in a few years back. Meet Morigana from the new anime/manga series "Magi: Labyrinth of Magic"

   Magi takes place in the world of the Arabian Nights, a set of tales not heard about too much any more here in the U.S. for obvious reasons :/.  This series tells the tale of a young boy named Aladdin and his Dijinn he carries around in his flute. Along the way he meets swordsman Alibaba and frees barefooted slave girl Morigana the martial arts expert with super human strength.

   Traditionally in the Arabian Nights, Morigana is the girl who Alibaba fell in love with and whom he shared the location of his treasure trove with only to be robbed by her in the end and his 40 thieves arrested. Here, Morgiana is a 14-15 year old (by my guess, don't take my word for it) red headed girl who comes from a tribe of people from a place called The Dark Continent. Her people are often kept as slaves because of their superior build and excellent senses. In order to prevent them from turning on their masters and slave traders, they are often taken in at an early age for sale and psychologically broken so they don't rebel against their weaker owners. After being freed by Al and Ali, Morigana devoted herself to them and protecting the lives of her friends.
   Morgiana tends to be socially awkward not understanding a lot about society and its norms having been a slave for so long and also has an inferiority complex from her life as a slave. However, piss her off and she'll break you in every way possible.

   Here are a few clips of Morgiana trying out her new weapon which can also contain a Dijinn spirit like Aladdin's flute. Best part: She's making good use of those beautiful legs of hers.

   Unfortunately, trying to make a weapon that's pleasing for all of us isn't too easy and Mori here is gonna have to practice a little more for her comrades' sakes lol. You can thank KawaiiFeet for the clips here. Expect more from this girl in the future when I get around to posting them.

  P.S. I'm still debating with myself about it, but are there any old posts of mine that you guys want me to bring back? I'm not too proud of a lot of my earlier posts but if something stood out, let me know and I'll try to repost it.


  1. Great post, Morgiana is foot fetish incarnate.

    1. Thanks. I'm glad at least one person liked my attempt to get back on here with a fresh start.

      Yeah man, it was probably really unintentional on the creator's part just like with Toph and Medusa, but Morgiana is fetish gold. She's a pretty decent character too which really makes her great. I'm shocked to see how few pieces of fan art relating to this fetish there are of her. You would think people would be commissioning artists or the artists themselves to start drawing pictures and tickle scenarios of this girl like mad. Unfortunately they haven't. Probably because the series is still relatively new and hasn't become wide spread popular yet.

    2. You should check out the manga too. It is definitely worth it.

  2. Oh hell yes. :D She's become one of my favorite anime characters ever in a very short amount of time. My girlfriend and I both gush over how awesome she is. XD

    As for why she isn't so popular yet, it's most likely because Magi is still only available in Japanese and hasn't had an official English dub or release yet.

  3. Hey I screen capped that 2nd to last photo too :D

    And there are SO MANY MORE sexy poses of Morgiana's feet. I caught this elusive one

  4. Actually, if you have a pixiv account, there are TONS of foot fetish related artwork of her. Some of it may not appeal to everyone, but fanart of her barefoot and fetish related exist.

    Here's one such example to be had on the site: つばさ | あゆや [pixiv]

    I am so totally going to draw her once I find some good reference shots of her... Hehehe. >:D

    1. Thanks for the input dude!! I've been able to find some good fan art of her online but none in the fetish sense of tickling or foot worship. Thanks for sharing.

      I'm glad you like the post. Please do share with me what you make of her when you do draw her lol

  5. Ah so this is Morgiana. She's massively hot not to mention a sexy redhead too. I wouldn't mind being chained to her foot. :-D

    O_O Now I want to check out Magi: Labyrinth of Magic too. An Arabian Nights base anime is great. Massive thanks to you and Kawaiifeet for posting her. :-)

    With regard to your old posts...I was away a lot so I only got to browse through them briefly but they all looked good to me. I hope you bring them back. What happened to Foot Fetish Extravaganza?


    1. I'm surprised as well. It wasn't a removal on my part. ^_^;

    2. This doesn't make any sense. You don't think the group responsible for running photos for blogs is beginning to crack down on screencaps do you? I checked some of my other posts and they haven't changed. Whats going on?

    3. I reposted them. Hopefully nothing happens to them again