Thursday, April 18, 2013

Real Life Anime Feet: Nana Mizuki

Okay, I said that I wouldn't post anymore live pictures here, but these pics here fit through a loop hole. Yes they are live pictures, but the girl they are of is one of the most celebrated names in the anime community. I'm talking about Nana Mizuki.

Who is she you ask? Here, let me put it simply.

Still don't get it? She's the Japanese voice of Hinata Hyuga and many other lovely ladies. And let me tell you guys, she's just as pretty as the girls she voices.

And for our finale: Here's a montage of Nana!!

What's that? Doesn't count? Nana isn't beautiful enough as she is? Alright ya picky bastards, we'll fix it for ya.

Here is Nana:

Now let's send her through the anime portal:

There, ya happy?


  1. Replies
    1. lol yeah. She's as lovely as the characters she plays. Its hard not to love Nana. The moment I found out she was the voice of Hinata I fell in love with her. She really has a way at voicing some of the nicest girls on the planet but at the same time she can do some tougher roles as the list above shows.

      Thanks for the comment man. I'm glad you like this. The posts on here are starting to go outside the box of screen caps and I'm really trying to experiment with my posts a little bit still. Be sure to let me know what you like on my posts and what you don't; I want to try and post by subject that really grabs attention and excites people.

  2. Always great to see voice actors get some love. :) A lot of them are just as pretty as their voices.

    1. That it is! I know right!? I've looked up a couple of voice actors and it really surprises me how so many of them are as pretty, and sometimes even look like and act like, the characters they voice.
      I love showing off pictures of voice actors to my friends and family. They always think its weird that I see people only known for their voice as celebrities rather than their Hollywood stars who they worship. They always tell me that the voice actors in anime and stuff like that probably look like Susan Boyle or worse since they aren't on camera and don't have to make themselves look good but when I show them the actual pictures of voice actors (English ones I mean) their jaws just drop at how good looking a lot of them are. lol

      Thanks for the comment man. I'm glad you like this. I'm really trying to post by rarity/quality/uniqueness in my stuff now and knowing that at least two people enjoy posts like these enough to drop kind words really helps me plan out my next

  3. Love that you're posting live models again man. I personally like seeing real feet more often than not and getting to see the VA to a series I've watched makes it even more special.

    Keep it up man!

    1. Thanks. I'm glad you like it. However, its just gonna be Japanese models. No more stuff like before.

      I'm glad you can appreciate this. I got bitched at a lot for real feet on here before and I'm glad that seeing a VA like Nana is appealing to you. I'll see if I can find any other super model voice actors out there. No guarantee but I'm sure you'll love what I come by. Thanks again man. I appreciate the support.

  4. :-D I really like really life anime feet segments you've done so far Heretichero. This voice actress is really cute. It's even hotter thinking that she did the voices for Moka and Hinata. Great post!!

    1. Hehe, I'm glad you like this dude. I had a feeling you'd like getting to see the voice behind so many cute girls lol. Yeah, Nana is just as adorable as the girls she plays and her photos really reflect that.
      Thanks for the comment dude. I'll be sure to get more Real Life Anime Feet posts for you in the future.