Sunday, November 2, 2014

Disney's Frozen: Anna and Elsa

Disney's Frozen is an insanely popular movie and actually the highest grossing animated movie of all time and for a good reason. It's got everything that makes Disney great along with truly original animation and music with a blend of dark and surreal atmosphere that all ages can enjoy. Despite a few hiccups or poorly paced scenes it's an outstanding mark on Disney's name and a future classic that will be in the ranks of great movies like The Lion King, Aladdin, Little Mermaid... etc.

With a great Disney movie it comes with even greater Disney characters. Today I will be focusing on the two beautiful leads of the film, Anna and Elsa who each have contrasting personalities. For example, Anna represents the older Disney style princess who's all love sick and can fall in love in a single night while Elsa represents the more recent, rational and mature Disney princess like Tiana or Merida.


Anna is the lead character of Frozen. She's very naive, love-sick but also very caring and strong willed. She faces tons of danger just to fix things with her sister and meets strangers along the way on her journey to save her kingdom.

She almost always has a smile on her face even at the worst of times. She wears a beautiful blue dress and a purple robe. Her hair is twin pigtails and she wears snowboots and mittens for the majority of the film. She goes across the frozen valley of her kingdom to save her land and ultimately to try and get her sister back. She falls in love with a suave young man who goes by the name Hans Westerguard.

This relationship plays a big role in the film and actually creates the catalyst that ultimately causes Elsa to put the kingdom into a frozen wasteland which I will get to later. Anna is also shown to be lazy and this is where her barefoot scenes come to play.

However, Anna actually has a very brief and unfortunately blurred barefoot scene in the movie which I have capped.

I even made a very low-frame gif because of how fast and brief it is just in the event you would have liked to see it in motion. As you can see because of how short and fast it goes by it's a very easily missed scene that if you even blinked it would have gone by.  Even in that short-frame of animation you can just see how wonderfully animated Frozen is. Look how realistically her hair flows, her blanket gets cast aside, her clothing physics... This movie is a real treat on the eyes. It's just so natural.

This is pretty much it for now when it comes to Anna. There is surely going to be much more frozen media in the future and they produce picture books constantly. A potential sequel is in the works and of course the Frozen short coming next spring may give us more content but this covers Anna.


Elsa is the deuteragonist of the film and serves as the catalyst of the plot. She was born with magical ice powers which she used to gleefully play with Anna with until one night where things went awry and she almost accidentally murdered Anna with her powers. Ever since then she's been told to "conceal it, not feel it" and wears gloves and a conservative dress. However, Anna proposes to Hans after only knowing him for a single day she gets in a big fight with her sister and accidentally displays her magic. She then runs off to a remote mountain and creates her own palace made entirely out of ice. Her whole outfit for the remainder of the film and media reflects this.

This is what she looks like for the majority of the film. Her dress is made entirely out of magical ice and her hair is loose into a long braided ponytail. She wears no gloves or even a coat even though she is surrounded by the coldest of the cold. She make her heels entirely out of ice magic and they are also see-through.  Unfortunately this only reflects in the animation just once as the the rest either makes it too blurry or doesn't have the fine detail as this image above does. That said you can briefly see her soles which I consider cap-worthy.

Elsa never goes barefoot or wears anything but two different kinds of heels but this scene is pretty good since they have full detail with it. Any other time she was wearing socks of the heels aren't detailed.

Well, this is just about the end for Frozen for now, anyway. With tons of printed media being produced, a new short in spring and a sequel most likely being produced there's a big chance I'll be covering them again. With that I'll end this with a gif with a close-up with Elsa pacing- once again with very low frame of animation to maximize it.


Upon some extra consideration I've noticed that there are two more noticable moments in the movie with Elsa.

As you can see the detail in the transparent heels are really good right here. With these capped and done I believe I got it all covered.


  1. Cool post Mrbatemanwearingawig. ^_^ I love the Frozen a lot. This really is an amazing tribute to both Elsa and Anna. Thanks very much for making it.

  2. forgot to add Anna's when she was a kid

  3. I never noticed that her shoes were slightly transparent before. Good eye!