Thursday, November 6, 2014


This isn't much it's just a pic of Kurenai and Asuma's Daughter who's now around 15-16 and a Chunin and strong enough to go out on a 3 day trip by herself to keep on eye on Kakashi and Guy. No name was given to her but I think she's turning out to be a beauty just like her mother. She's a bit tomboyish and you might mistake her for a boy at first but look closer and you can clearly see her mothers feminine charm. Kurenai to me is still beautiful she's older yes but she has aged gracefully.

Naruto ended today well yesterday with 700 Chapters it was a long run but it was good ranks in my top 6 =) Manga. It had it's flaws but what series doesn't even One Piece Author Oda gave a good tribute to him on this weeks Cover and a nice message to him as well


  1. :-D Wow...Asuma's Daughter is hot. I tend to watch events as they unfold in the anime so I'll probably be avoiding reading any posts/ information related to Naruto for awhile. Anyway a great post Destiny Dueler. ^_^

    1. She is isn't she =D. Haha that's fine I wasn't going to post anything else she was the only girl with he feet shown anyway =D