Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Maylene

Maylene made her debut in Lost Leader Strategy! where she decided to quit the Gym after she lost her Gym Battle with Paul and her confidence. She ran away from her duties. Dawn felt the same way she did and inspired her not to give up. She then requested that she have a Gym Battle with her.

In Crossing the Battle Line! Maylene had her battle with Dawn. The plan for Dawn was to lose yet give it her all to get Maylene's confidence back. When the first battle began Maylene copied the moves her Pokémon used as she was giving the orders to do so (She said and did a Drain Punch attack just as her Meditite did). She knocked out her Buneary but lost to her Piplup. Maylene then pointed out that Dawn treated the battle like she did a contest. During the battle between Piplup and Lucario, Maylene was starting to get back in synch with her Pokémon. She beat Dawn and got her confidence back.


  1. Her feet are super sexy when she does her fighting skills.

  2. Wow really nice tribute Bambino. ^_^ Your posts seem to getting better and better. I really liked the description you put in for this one. It really gives us a good sense of Maylene's background and character.

  3. I coulda sworn Maylene was on this blog before. But whatevs, you got a lot of great caps here. :)